Multiple Rack Installation Photos

We have some new photos of a multi-rack installation to share this month.

As always, you can find all of our media on the Gallery page.

Six 42U racks filled with coolant and servers and two pump modules in the background. Our standard building block is one pump module and four 42U racks — in this case, each pump module is connected to three racks. The installation is in data center production space.


A single 42U rack with the lid closed. GreenDEF™ fluid coolant does not noticeably evaporate but the lid prevents small particles from mixing with the coolant.


This is the view standing directly in front of the tank. The J-hooks allow for intelligent cable management as well as providing notches to guide service rails, which are used as a platform for servers that have been removed from the coolant.


Side view of servers installed in a 42U rack. The servers hang on two manifolds that run the course of the tank. One manifold is responsible for carrying coolant out of the tank and through the heat exchangers in the pump module (low pressure), and the other is responsible for mixing processed coolant back into the tank (high pressure).

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