The increase in hashrates, compute densities, and heat loads continue to climb. GRC’s immersion cooling and crypto mining expertise, position you to successfully respond. Engineered for reliability, our ROI-focused HashRaQ® MAX is a powerful, sustainable, and affordable cooling system for crypto mining operations—minimizing CapEx, OpEx, and carbon footprint while maximizing density, uptime, and profitability.

Established Operation or Serious Start-Up — Our HashRaQ MAX Immersion Cooling System Is the Right Solution for You

  • Quick start-up
  • Overclock-capable
  • Powerful, yet affordable
  • ROI-focused (most cooling, lowest cost)
  • Designed with reliability in mind
  • Location flexible
  • Simple operation
  • Sustainability-focused design and operation

HashRaQ MAX Immersion-Cooled, Crypto-Mining System Features & Benefits:

  • All-inclusive system: racks, frame, power distribution units (PDUs), coolant distribution unit (CDU), and monitoring system
  • Reduces miner power use by 11%1
  • Minimal cooling system power draw—pPUE of <1.022
  • Cools up to 288 kW per CDU utilizing a dry cooler and 40°C (104°F) water
  • Supports overclocking of over 6 kW/miner
  • Optimized for maximum number of miners per rack—capable of 48 Bitmain S19 miners per system3
  • Remote monitoring provides real-time access to system operating parameters and alerts
  • Space-saving footprint with minimal infrastructure requirements
  • Performs well in harsh environments
  • Racks made with 100% post-industrial, recycled plastics
  • Engineered for a long service life—recyclable at end of life
  • Includes tested and validated, long-lasting dielectric ElectroSafe® coolant
  • 90-day limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship with limited support4

1 Average power use reduction, accomplished through removal of fans.
2 General specification with 288 kW load.
3 Contact us for information on use with other mining systems.
4 Other warranty, support, maintenance, and monitoring plans available for additional cost.

The HashRaQ MAX Unpacked

Smart engineering plus GRC’s immersion cooling and crypto mining expertise make this machine a true workhorse and an exceptional value.

GRC HashRaQ MAX Components
GRC HashRaQ MAX Components


  • Flat-packed frame reduces shipping costs
  • Minimizes footprint by nesting the CDU underneath


  • Support up to 48 Bitmain S19 miners (not included)
  • Space-optimized, made from 100% post-industrial recycled materials
  • Nestable racks reduce shipping costs
  • Durable lightweight plastic makes deployment quick and easy
  • Integrated space for network switches

Cooling Distribution Unit (CDU)

  • Highly efficient, capable of 288 kW of cooling with warm water
  • Easy access to components

Power Distribution Units (PDU)

  • Designed to match cryptocurrency mining power demands
  • Multiple brands/models available to choose from
  • Ideal number of outlets for optimal cable management for network switches

Monitoring System

  • Checks coolant pressure, temperatures, and levels to ensure efficient operation
  • Identifies faults to maximize uptime

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