VIDEO: ICEtank™ Immersion-Cooled Modular Data Center Overview


Join our CEO, Peter Poulin as he takes you through a tour of our immersion-cooled ICEtankTM modular data center. Learn how our extraordinarily efficient liquid-immersion cooling solutions protect the most valuable assets in your data centers - the very servers it cools. #EnvironmentalResilience #GoAnywhereDataCenter

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Webinar June 25th, 2019:

Upgrading Cooling Technology To Meet Future Workload Demands Reliably

Tune in on Tuesday, June 25th, 2019 at 11am (CDT) when GRC's Chief Revenue Officer, Jim Weynand, will be speaking live at the Data Center Dynamics Webinar! 
Topic: Upgrading cooling technology to meet future workload demands reliably
Date: Tuesday, 25th June , 2019
Time: 11:00 CDT
Duration: 1 hour
In today's digital-first world, AI applications and higher-density workloads are creating new challenges for data center operators. Supporting the demands of next-generation businesses puts cooling systems into sharp focus; even with 40KW+ workloads, reliability and efficiency remain imperative. 

In a competitive market, being able to meet these demands effectively is key, but how can next-generation cooling be deployed with minimal capital expenditure and reduced operational cost? How can it be introduced in a live environment with legacy design challenges? 

This webinar explores: 
  • Assessing cooling needs for increasingly complex workloads
  • Effectively modernizing cooling within legacy environments
  • Driving down capital expenditure and planning for long-term efficiency

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Featured Article: Ten Years of Liquid Cooling





Liquid cooling used to be the only way to cool large computers. Now the technique is coming back into its own.

Liquid cooling for electronic components isn’t a new technology – it’s been used since before 1887 for insulating and cooling high-voltage transformers. One of the earliest uses for liquid cooling compute equipment was in the 1960s, with IBM’s System 360 computers. By the 1980s, liquid cooling was popular for supercomputers and mainframes, the early precursors to today’s data centers in terms of computer density, power use and heat generation. Now, in 2019, liquid cooling is, once again, becoming the go-to solution for data center cooling.

So how and why have cooling technologies evolved from liquid, to air, and back to liquid again?

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