October 2020
Featured Partnerships
GRC TDCS Partnership - Tiny

We're excited to announce that we've teamed up with Total Data Centre Solutions, a leading provider of mission critical & innovative infrastructure solutions for data centres across Europe & the Nordic region. This new partnership allows us to support European data centre customers with a strong local presence.

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Gov Tech New York 202010 - Tiny

Join GRC CRO Jim Weynand at Gov Tech's NY Virtual Digital Government Summit on October 26 & 27. You'll learn how to serve your citizenry better by quickly responding to needs, lowering costs, and enhancing sustainability efforts with immersion-cooled data centers.

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GRC DC Cold Wars Blog Part 1 - Tiny

Legacy air-cooling and transformative single-phase immersion cooling go head-to-head in this tech comparison blog. These two methods battled it out in eight key categories — and now it's up to you to review the scorecards & declare which will be the victor in your data center!

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GRC Blog Library - Tiny

Our Blog Library keeps you in the know on data center cooling trends, insights, and inspirations. You'll always find relevant, thought-provoking, & timely posts addressing how you can turn your data center into a high-performance, uber-efficient, and sustainable operation.

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Featured Resources
GRC ElectroSafe Fact Sheet Resource - Tiny

ElectroSafe® single-phase, liquid coolants last the lifetime of a data center — 15+ years. Plus, they've been developed to ensure maximum performance, reliability, and compatibility with virtually every OEM server and IT component available.

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GRC Data Center Sustainability Metrics Guide Resource - Tiny

Need to balance adding more compute with meeting sustainability goals? GRC immersion cooling is the key.  Cool up to 200 kW/rack. Cut energy use 50%. Lower water usage up to 89%. Reduce carbon emissions 21%...and more.

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DCD Pressure to Go Green - Tiny

451 Research reports that 97% of data center operators say they have customers asking them to commit to sustainability. Many companies will have no choice but to comply or risk losing valuable business to competitors.

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CMS Wire Edge Computing - Tiny

CMSWire: “If these statistics are any indication, edge computing will likely play a huge role in improving the customer experience and could change the playing field in not just marketing, but in manufacturing, security, healthcare and retail.”

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