Dive Into Our Immersion Cooling Pilot Program Today

So, you think immersion cooling is right for you. But you want proof of performance before you invest time, money, and effort into a full-blown implementation. We get it.
That’s why we created the Immersion Cooling Pilot Program. Simple, effective – and virtually no-risk, it quickly demonstrates the dramatic improvements in rack density, energy cost reduction and higher heat dissipation our solutions offer.
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How it Works

Our Immersion Cooling Pilot Program puts a full-functioning, immersion-cooled micro-rack in your facility, allowing you to evaluate the many benefits of this game-changing technology before making a full investment.

Key Benefits

  • Discover firsthand how immersion cooling works – with minimal risk
  • Book improvements in rack density, power usage and noise levels – using actual performance data
  • Experience the simplicity of integrating high-density processing into your operation
  • Validate 10 to 20% server savings & potential PUE of 1.02
  • Use your existing server configuration for a true comparison
  • Work with us to optimize a full system to deliver even more benefits
  • Gain first-hand experience on the change management process and determine SOP changes before full implementation

Let’s Get Started

Just complete the form below. A GRC representative will reach out and help you bring immersion cooling to your facility.