GRC Pilot Program
Immersion cooling technology from GRC is the key to solving your data center power, space, density, budget, and sustainability challenges. But don’t just take our word for it! Our Immersion Cooling Pilot Program makes it easier than ever to verify that single-phase immersion is the answer your data center needs. This low-risk/high-reward program is an excellent opportunity to test run virtually any OEM IT equipment in an ICEraQ® immersion cooling system. Be ready for tomorrow by testing and adopting today.

Immersion Cooling Pilot Program — Our Place or Yours?

We offer two cost-effective testing options. Pick the one that meets your operation, deployment timeframe, and resources.

Option 1

In Our Testing Facility

We'll conduct testing at our facility. Simply ship us samples of the equipment you’d like tested direct from your facility or your OEM. We do the rest.

  • Low-hassle, hands-off option
  • No need to prepare a test site at your facility
  • No IT downtime
  • No staff involvement
  • Speed implementation by testing and planning in parallel

Option 2

In Your Data Center

We’ll install an ICEraQ solution at your location so you can gain a first-hand understanding of how easily immersion cooling fits in your environment.

  • Assess immersion cooled performance on-site
  • Capture performance data over a longer period of time
  • Ideal for security-sensitive operations
  • Keep the equipment we send, or upgrade to a more robust GRC solution
  • Be confident immersion will cool the heat-load of your high-performance configurations.
  • Experience the simplicity and efficiency of integrating immersion cooling into your operation
  • Use real-world performance data to gain insight into the improvements in rack density, power usage, and noise levels
  • Validate 10 to 20% server savings and an mPUE of <1.031
  • Ensure adherence to OEM warranties by confirming ITE compatibility with ElectroSafe® coolants
  • Work with us to optimize an ICEraQ solution for your site (up to 368 kW per CDU) to deliver even more benefits2
  • Obtain key data measurements from our standard battery of tests, plus unique testing points for your equipment

1 Results may vary depending on actual system configuration
2 With chilled water

Pilot Your Path to Success
Complete the form below and a GRC representative will reach out and help you determine which low-risk pilot program option is best suited to validate that immersion cooling is the right solution for your operation.