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Video: The CarnotJet System Overview

How it works: what makes the CarnotJet System 95% more efficient to operate and 60% more cot-effective than traditional air cooling technology.

The CarnotJet System brings savings to a facility by way of reducing initial capital expenditures, cutting operating expenses in half and simplifying the entire facility by not requiring many high-overhead expenses such as CRACs, CRAHs, and other items. Lets take a look at how this all works in the video above.
Cost Savings: 60% Savings upfront

  • All power and cooling infrastructure downsized proportionally with power reduction
  • Elimination of air-handling equipment, including CRACs and CRAHs
  • Elimination of other data center infrastructure items, including raised floors, aisle containment and plenum space
  • Downsized generator and battery backup infrastructure proportional to reduction in peak power requirements

Operating Savings: 50% Savings ongoing

  • 10%-20% reduction in server power use (depending on make/model)
  • 90%-95% reduction in cooling energy use

Lower Cost-per-Watt than Other Precision Cooling Techniques

The CarnotJet system replaces managed air-flow infrastructure with managed coolant flow technology, reducing upfront expenditures dramatically for new builds and retrofits alike.

Instead of CRACs, CRAHs, chillers, raised floors, or hot/cold aisle containment, the CarnotJet system deploys a closed loop of dielectric coolant, pumps, filters, and heat exchangers — an entire cooling ecosystem that is equally deployable on a concrete slab in an unconditioned space or in a state-of-the-art whitespace facility.

Regardless of the method of data center cooling, every data center has a fixed per-Watt cost associated with heat removal. To understand the true Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the CarnotJet system, it is important to consider data center cooling on a dollar-per-Watt basis.

Per-Watt savings are then multiplied by the reduced operating energy to produce cascading savings in the short and long terms.

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