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Fact Sheet: What is ElectroSafe? Facts and FAQs

ElectroSafe coolant is a high-performance blend of white mineral oil used to cool data center servers.

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This fact sheet answers frequently asked questions about the coolant, its properties, and safety.

What is ElectroSafe Coolant?  

What Makes ElectroSafe So Efficient?

Is ElectroSafe a Fire Hazard or Does it Have Any Health Effects?

Fact Sheet: ElectroSafe Coolant

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In a data center cooling environment, ElectroSafe may be much closer to target server temperature than air. For example, maintaining a coolant temperature of 38ºC is much less energy-intensive than cooling air to 25ºC, a process that typically first requires cooling water to 7ºC. ElectroSafe Fact Sheet

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