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Cooling System Maintenance

The CarnotJet liquid immersion cooling system itself requires very little maintenance. The coolant lasts the life of the data center and never needs to be replaced. There is a single coolant filter in the pump module that must be replaced every 6-12 months and requires approximately 10 minutes of labor.

Server Maintenance

The CarnotJet System has been designed for ease of operation; the open-system design of the racks enables quick and easy access to server equipment. Further the movable support bars also help facilitate hot swapping of components:

  • Cooling system stays ON during server maintenance
  • Operators do not need to wear gloves or specialized protective gear due to the non-toxic nature of the coolant
  • Server maintenance is performed on the rack, allowing liquid to drain into rack
  • Components may be hot-swapped

The CarnotJet system has proven to be exceptionally reliable and is helping reduce the frequency of failures.

– Dr. Stuart Midgley, CTO at DownUnder GeoSolutions

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