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Site Requirements
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Site Requirements

  • Power
  • Warm Water Line
  • Roof

The CarnotJet System is an extremely flexible solution and can be installed in any unconditioned space, anywhere on the planet. The system is essentially a modular data center; each quad (4 racks and a pump module) is self-contained and only requires power connections and a warm water line (up to 50˚C / 122˚F), apart from a roof and a level floor. The system eliminates the need for any kind of specialized building design including the need for raised floors, aisle containment, air conditioning, filtration, or even moisture control. Making it easy to deploy not just in fully built out white space, but even an empty warehouse.

Click here to read more about how the CarnotJet System is helping convert WWII bunkers into data centers.

Deployment time and demand forecasting

Traditionally, data center construction has been an extremely capital and time intensive project with the industry average construction time at over 9 months. This leads to the challenges of forecasting demand for capacity well ahead of time, and with millions of dollars on the line, forecasting errors can turn out to be extremely expensive. The CarnotJet System eliminates this need for forecasting through:

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Modular Design: economies without scale

Investing in large CRAC and CRAH systems can only be justified with economies of scale, in fact even free air cooling only makes sense with large scale installations. However, the CarnotJet system gives data center operators the flexibility to build out computing power and supporting infrastructure almost linearly. With up to four racks sharing a pump module, ramping up the computing power can be done in increments of four (4) racks at a time with no added costs.

Rapid Deployment

The pre-engineered system can be deployed from initial design to installation within 8 weeks, as compared to an industry average of over 9 months.

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