Cooling Requirements in Ultra High-Density Data Centers are Changing

Vertiv & GRCs Liebert VIC solution empowers the full computing potential with immersion cooling technology; where, servers are installed vertically in horizontal racks filled with a dielectric coolant, which is an excellent conductor of heat, but not of electricity. The coolant circulates between the racks and a coolant distribution unit (CDU) connected to a warm water loop, which may use a cooling tower or dry cooler, or a chiller return line, as the final form of heat removal.

Liebert® VIC — the coolest answer to power-hungry IT infrastructure. Liebert VIC breaks the heat barrier and takes your IT infrastructure beyond limits.

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Discover the Benefits of Immersion Cooling 

Enhance your data center operations with game-changing immersion cooling – and deliver more efficient services to your constituents for less.

  • Reduce Carbon Emissions by Up to 20%
  • Save 50% on Your Energy Bill and Attain a PUE of <1.03
  • Easily Integrate High-Density Apps into Your Operation
  • Reduce CAPEX by Adding Compute Only as You Need It
  • Double Your Compute Within the Same Power Envelope
  • Realize Less Maintenance, Plus a Longer Hardware Lifespan
  • Leverage Go-Anywhere Flexibility with No Special Building Requirements


Liebert® VIC — Innovative & Highly Efficient Liquid Immersion Cooling Solution
for High Density Infrastructure

Press Release

The Vertiv™ Liebert® VIC is now available throughout Asia, Australia and New Zealand

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