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Offering nearly twice the cooling performance of its forerunners—and more yet than most legacy systems, the new ICEraQ Series 10 immersion cooling system can truly help you shatter barriers of heat, space, power, budget, and sustainability.

Leap forward while cutting back on CAPEX, OPEX, TCO, and maintenance. Conserve water. Save energy with an amazingly low PUE. Plus, reduce your compute footprint dramatically.

Unlimited IT is critical to success in today’s data-driven world. So don’t settle for unremarkable performance. Turn your data center up to 10 with the new ICEraQ Series 10 from GRC.

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ICEraQ® Series 10 Benefits 

  • Increases cooling performance— up to an amazing 368 kW*
  • Cuts cooling energy by up to 95%
  • Reduces TCO up to 44%
  • Delivers an outstanding pPUE of <1.03
  • Conserves water and power — Be Greener!
  • Decreases compute footprint dramatically
  • Works with all major OEM servers

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* Chilled water system required

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