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How much will GRC immersion cooling save you? Simply select an application, update the numbers to match your operation and click ‘Calculate’ to find out.


In creating this online savings calculator, GRC made assumptions using industry application averages. GRC does not make any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the calculator's results, which are hypothetical and may not reflect the actual savings of your own purchases. GRC is not responsible for the consequences of any decisions or actions taken in reliance upon or as a result of the information provided by this calculator.

Total Cost of Ownership Over 10 Years

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10-Year Savings

Operational Expenses

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Capital Expenditures

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Upfront Costs & Power Overheads:

Category Value/UOM Source/Notes
 Server Power Savings  15%  Customer & GRC benchmarking data
 Chiller Overhead  60% of IT Load  Customer feedback
 Chiller Cost  $0.51/Watt  Customer feedback
 Condenser System Overhead  1% of IT & Cooling Power  GRC benchmarking
 Condenser System Cost  $0.26/Watt  Vendor & customer feedback
 Raised Floor  $40/Sq Ft  Customer feedback
 Air Handler Overhead  10% of IT Load  Customer feedback
 Air Handler Cost  $0.57/Watt  Vendor & Customer feedback
 UPS Cost  $0.66/Watt  Vendor & customer feedback
 Diesel Generator & Switch Gear Cost  $0.60/Watt  Vendor & customer feedback
 Electrical Infrastructure & Power Distribution Cost  $0.24/Watt  Vendor & customer feedback
 Maintenance Cost  3% of Upfront Cost  Forrester:
 Annual Maintenance Cost Increase  1%  Accounting for Inflation
 Annual Energy Cost Increase  1%  Accounting for Inflation
 Power Distribution Losses  2% of Total Power  Data Center Dynamics: DCPRO: Cooling & Thermal Management Paper
 Air Cooling Max Rack Density  15 kW/Rack  Customer feedback
 Cost of GRC System  $0.96/Watt  Customer feedback
 Piping Costs Air-Cooled  $0.21/Watt  Customer feedback
 Piping Costs GRC  $0.04/Watt  Customer feedback
 Sensors & Controls  $0.15/Watt  Customer feedback
 Traditional Data Center Engineering and Design Services  20% of Total Cost  Forrester:
 GRC Data Center Engineering and Design Services  10% of Total Cost  Customer feedback
 Cost of Traditional Racks  $1,500.00/Rack  Vendor & customer feedback

Space (Traditional):

Category Value/UOM Source
 Width (Length for GRC)  26.62 Inches  Liebert 42U:
 Depth (Width for GRC)  43.3 Inches  Liebert 42U:
 Cold Aisle Width  72 Inches  2 floor tiles so one can be perforated: ANSI/TIA/ EIA-942-A (data center) standard:
 Hot Aisle Width  48 Inches  ANSI/TIA/ EIA-942-A (data center) standard:
 Supported Density  15 kW/Rack  Customer feedback
 Racks/Row  12  Calculated to get similar row width
 Row Width  34.62 Feet  Including 4 ft aisle at each end

Space (GRC):

Category Value/UOM Source
 Width (Length for GRC)  83.82 Inches
 Depth (Width for GRC)  25 Inches
 Cold Aisle Width  36 Inches
 Hot Aisle Width  2 Inches
 Supported Density  100 kW/Rack  Conservative estimate, 130kW+ achieved
 Racks/Row  4
 Row Width  35.94 Feet

Space Cost Traditional:

Category Value/UOM Source
 Traditional Site Preparation Cost  $150.00/Sq Ft  Forrester:
 GRC Site Preparation Cost  $60.00/Sq Ft  Customer feedback