Any OEM Server Can Be Easily Optimized for Immersion

GRC’s Conversion-to-Immersion Program offers complete flexibility in both the server brand and configuration of your choice.

Liquid immersion cooling is an entirely different approach that improves hardware reliability and lowers power consumption by eliminating the use of air as a heat-removal medium. Since air is no longer required, we start by removing or disabling legacy components that only relate to powering and moving air (fans, extra power supplies, air shrouds, etc.), replacing them with a BIOS change or emulator chips when necessary.

If you’ll be installing new systems, you can have them delivered straight to one of our nearby, regional service depots to undergo conversion. Or, if you’ll be utilizing existing servers, we can provide our Conversion-to-Immersion services right in your facility, practically anywhere in the world.

Compatible with All Leading OEM Servers

No Longer Needed:

Conversion to Immersion Parts No Longer Needed
OEM server optimized for immersion
OEM server optimized for immersion

Servers Designed for Immersion (SDI) –
An Alternate Approach

If you’ve already implemented or are considering a “white box” solution – building your own servers – or you want to truly maximize space, power and budget, then SDI may be your best choice.

Our patented immersion cooling technology addresses the key concerns of thermal design and hardware reliability that are common with air-cooled, white box servers. Further, engineering purpose-built servers from the ground up allows us to more than just design them for cost and performance, but also for space and power utilization.

Key Benefits of Servers Designed for Immersion:

  • Purpose-built for your application
  • Mix and match components without worrying about thermal design limitations and reliability
  • No extraneous components, such as integrated fans, heat sinks and oversized power supplies, reduce cost and e-waste
  • More power-efficient – up to 30% lower energy use vs air-cooled servers
  • Maximized rack density with simplified, modular chassis that utilize much higher immersion cooling capacities

SDI are an ideal match for our ICEraQ® micro-modular, rack-based immersion cooling system and our ICEtank® immersion-cooled, modular data centers.

SDI minimize hardware, while maximizing space and power-efficiency
“The cost savings that immersion cooling enables (on the hardware side) are extremely impressive.”

– Dan Stanzione, Executive Director, TACC

A Cool Future for Your Data Center

Whether you select optimized OEM servers or SDI, immersion cooling opens up options for space-saving efficiencies and high-density compute power that traditional air-cooling will never be able to offer. GRC will be there with you from initial design to final installation and beyond, making sure you get the most from your investment.

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