Immersion delivers compute efficiency and resiliency — anywhere

Immersion’s Benefits at the Edge

  • Cools 400 to 1000+ W Processors
  • Lowers both server and cooling energy use
  • Maximizes compute density and performance
  • Performs anywhere power and water are available
  • Ensures resilient, worry-free operation

Cloud and IOT applications have opened exciting new frontiers. But inherent latencies often demand that companies put localized compute closer to where the data is needed. Whether you need a small deployment or a full modular edge data center, GRC can help you get it done quickly, reliably, and economically.

GRC’s Immersion Solutions Streamline Edge Computing

Reduce Energy Use

Immersion lowers the power associated with cooling ITE up to 90%. ICEraQ systems cut server power by 11% simply by removing the fans.

Cool Advanced Processors

Immersion eliminates the challenges of cooling the most powerful processors and future-proofs against emerging CPU/GPU advancements.

Embrace Turnkey Flexibility

Our immersion systems deliver performance from small offices to remote deserts. ICEtank provides complete cooling and power infrastructure.

Deploy Rapidly

Immersion cooling enables rapid expansion of edge compute capacity within weeks, reducing response times to surges in demand.

Operate in Harsh Environments

Servers immersed in fluid are protected from dust, moisture, oxygen and corrosion, enabling deployment in the most extreme conditions.

Run High-Density Servers

The ICEraQ Micro cools up to 90kW of compute in 24U, while the 40’ containerized ICEtank cools up to 480 kW in eight 42U racks.1

Example System: Built to Help You Tackle Edge Deployments

40’ ICEtank IT40 Containerized Data Center Housing Eight 42U ICEraQ Units

Cools 336 Supermicro 6019P SuperServers each with:

  • 2x Intel® Skylake 6148 (2.4G) CPUs
  • 12 x 32GB DDR4 Memory
  • 2 x 480GB Intel S4500 SSDs
  • 8 x 8TB HGST Helium Sealed HDDs

Performance Potential:

  • Up to 50% lower total energy consumption
  • 11% lower server energy consumption2
  • Up to 90% lower IT cooling energy consumption

Which GRC Solution is Best for You?

If You Need A:Then Explore These GRC Solutions:
Turnkey, self-contained, high-density data center
to operate in outdoor environments
ICEtank IT40
Standalone, rack-based cooling to place in a
warehouse, office building, or manufacturing floor
ICEraQ Micro

1. With 13° C (55.4° F) water
2. On average

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