• Environments that are harsh and far from established infrastructure
  • Access to power and space that’s limited and expensive
  • High energy expenditures associated with processor cooling
  • Capital-intensive & time-consuming buildouts
  • Limited computing capacity of traditional modular data centers

Here’s How GRC’s Patented
Immersion Cooling Solutions Can Help Edge Computing

The evolution of cloud and IOT applications have opened new, exciting frontiers. But to address the latencies often associated with cloud computing, defense agencies plus oil, gas and telecom companies must put data centers closer to the data itself.

Enjoy Total Location Flexibility

Green Revolution Cooling’s (GRC) ICEtank® solutions are turnkey data centers built inside ISO shipping containers. They let you rapidly put computing power just about anywhere and they offer easy redeployment as well.

Get Resilient, Reliable Performance

ICEtank® containerized immersion cooling data centers need no airflow. Their workings are completely sealed. And since servers are totally immersed in ElectroSafe® coolant they’re protected from dust, moisture and oxygen, therefore corrosion.

Slash Capex

– by up to 50%. Our liquid immersion cooling solutions eliminate chillers, CRACs, CRAHs, humidity control systems, etc.

Reduce Lead Times

ICEtank containerized data centers can be built in delivered in as little as eight weeks and can be installed in a matter of days!

Cut Cooling Energy Costs

– up to 95%. Our equipment draws less power to cool servers than the fans we remove.

Deploy Full-featured Hardware

Our ICEtank can provide between 100-400 kW of computing capacity, supporting up to 100 kW in a single rack.

Build Your Hybrid Data Center

Many organizations are adopting a hybrid IT model in which their applications move between the public cloud and their own internal data centers. GRC can help you build a better one.

Key Solutions:
If you need a:
GRC Solution
Turnkey, hardware-agnostic blockchain data center in a box
Standalone, rack based cooling to place in a warehouse, office building, or manufacturing floor

Edge Example Configuration

Run real applications on the Edge with full-featured hardware. 20 foot, ICEtank IT20 with 168 Supermicro 6019P SuperServers, each with:

  • 2x Intel Skylake 6148 (2.4G)
  • 12 x 32GB DDR4 Memory
  • 2 x 480GB Intel S4500 SSDs
  • 8 x 8TB HGST Helium Sealed HDDs

50% lower energy cost: 20% lower server energy (46W Vs 600), 95% lower cooling energy.

Environmentally resilient, turnkey data center in a box

Liquid immersed server racks Inside an ICEtank
Self-contained ICEtanks can be placed virtualy anywhere
Servers can be easily pulled out for periodic maintenance

Power Up & Cool Down

Bring the Most Efficient Cooling Technology to Your Data Center
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