• Ever-evolving processing requirements that require more power
  • Increased energy costs to meet new power obligations
  • Overbuilding that locks up capital & underbuilding that hinders growth
  • Capital-intensive & time-consuming buildouts
  • Having everything within the cloud can leave gaps in security

Here’s How GRC’s Patented Immersion Cooling Solutions Can Help Enterprise, Cloud, and Hyperscale Centers

Faster Setup

Green Revolution Cooling’s (GRC) modular, pre-engineered immersion cooling systems enable you to build and expand data center capacity within weeks, reducing forecasting challenges.

Reduce Your Capital Expenses

GRC’s data center liquid immersion cooling solutions are innovative yet amazingly simple. When compared with conventional air cooled data centers, a greenfield deployment with GRC can reduce your CapEx costs by up to 30% by eliminating the need for chillers, CRACs, CRAHs and raised floors.

Scale Easily

No need to invest millions of dollars on a large-scale infrastructure. Our ICEraQ® solutions let you grow a few racks at a time—quickly, easily and cost-effectively. This is especially important for private and public clouds.

Slash Cooling Energy Costs

Compared with conventional air cooling systems, GRC systems reduce the power associated with cooling your IT equipment by up to 90%. As a matter of fact, our equipment draws less power to cool the servers than the fans we remove.

Lower Your Maintenance and Operating Costs

A complete single-phase immersion cooling system has only three moving parts: a coolant pump within the GRC coolant distribution unit (CDU), a water pump to circulate water through the GRC CDU to the facility’s heat rejection system, and cooling tower/dry cooler fan for heat rejection. This radical simplification of data center architecture not only improves reliability, it eliminates the operating and maintenance costs of complex components such as chillers, air handlers, and humidity control systems.

Future-proof Your Data Center

Our immersion cooling data center solutions future-proof your operation by reliably cooling up to 200 kW/rack with 32 °C (89.6 °F) water and up to 368 kW/rack with 13 °C (55.4 °F) water – ensuring your infrastructure won’t be the bottleneck to your organization’s growth. With minimal site requirements, you can easily integrate high density racks into your existing data center or build a new one for a fraction of the cost.

Example Configuration

ICEraQ S10 Quad + Dell R640

Scalable, efficient and cost-effective pods allow modular expansion, up to 50% lower TCO, legacy infrastructure.

  • 4 x 42U immersion racks supporting ~50kW/rack with warm water
  • 168 x Dell PowerEdge R640 XL servers
  • 2 x Ice Lake 6338 (205W) processors per server
  • Up to 50% lower data center energy consumption
  • 11% lower IT energy consumption (on average)
  • Up to 90% lower cooling energy consumption
  • Up to 30% lower infrastructure cost on greenfield deployments
ICEraQ Series 10 Quad Liquid Immersion Solution in a Hybrid Data Center
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