It’s a Hot Market for Liquid Immersion Cooling

Next-gen processors and technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, edge computing, and the internet of things, as well as the increase in remote workforces, have pushed air-cooled data centers to their limits. Corporate sustainability policies and ESG mandates are also accelerating a shift to an eco-friendlier cooling solution.

Enter the natural successor to legacy air cooling—liquid immersion cooling—and the market for it is heating up quickly.  As a matter of fact, the liquid immersion cooling segment is forecasted to hit $2.5 billion annually by 20321

At GRC, we are on a quest to deliver efficient and sustainable data center cooling solutions around the world. And, as The Immersion Cooling Authority®, we are uniquely qualified to help guide you to the best immersion cooling fluids for your unique requirements. We evaluate and validate our partner’s dielectric fluids for use in our immersion cooling systems, ensuring globally available, environmentally responsible solutions that meet material compatibility, performance, efficiency, sustainability, and safety requirements.

ElectroSafe fluids are an indispensable feature of all our immersion cooling systems. Combined with ElectroSafe, our systems have been engineered to ensure maximum system uptime while maintaining its cooling capacity. 

Partner Fluids Undergo Thorough Testing to Ensure Maximum Benefit to End Users

  • Quality and safety
  • Performance & system compatibility
  • Integrity over time
  • Lifecycle management
  • Eco-friendliness/sustainability
  • Reliable supply, cost, and lead times