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Video: Why is now the right time for liquid cooling?

Peter Poulin, CEO of GRC says high densities will create a demand for liquid cooling.

Video: See the CarnotJet System in Action

View the flow of ElectroSafe coolant through a CarnotJet rack in this video

White Paper: NSA – Doing more with less

National Security Agency (NSA) discusses immersion cooling in The Next Wave Vol. 20 No. 2

White Paper: Oil Submersion Cooling

An analysis of the business implications of immersion cooling in today's data centers

White Paper: How Safe Is ElectroSafe?

Submerged Servers in the Data Center –Not as New or Nearly as Scary as We Think

Case Study: Improved Server Reliability with Oil Immersion

A Case Study in Hardware Reliability With GRC's Oil Immersion Cooling

Case Study: VSC’s Lean, Mean, Green Machine

A Case Study in Hardware Optimization and Total Cost of Ownership

Video: The CarnotJet System Overview

The Most Powerful, Efficient, Cost-Effective
System Around. Find Out How.

Video: The Business Case for Oil Immersion Cooling from GRC

See Why The CarnotJet System Makes Perfect Business Sense. And Why The C-suite Loves IT.

Video: Tsubame KFC Explained by Satoshi Matsuoka

Satoshi Matsuoko from the Tokyo Tech explains the liquid immersion-cooled Tsubame KFC

Video: The Business Case for Immersion Cooling at CGG

What made CGG retrofit a complete data center with oil immersion cooling from GRC

Video: Implementation of Immersion Cooling at CGG

A video interview with the VP of IT at CGG about the implementation of oil immersion cooling

White Paper: Floor Space Optimization with GRC

Learn how GRC can help you get more compute per square foot in your data center

Fact Sheet: What is ElectroSafe? Facts and FAQs

Fact Sheet: ElectroSafe Coolant, Properties, and Frequently Asked Questions

White Paper: How Green is Green Revolution?

An analysis of GRC's impact on PUE, CUE, and WUE.

Case Study: Midas Networks Clear Solution

Extreme Cooling Performance with Low-cost Dielectric Fluid Submersion

Video: Four Rack CarnotJet Installation

GRC's four rack (100 kW) installation for an early client in Austin, TX

Video: Server Maintenance in The CarnotJet System (Hands-On)

Working in oil is easy, and the CarnotJet is designed for simple servicing

Video: Blade Server Maintenance in The CarnotJet System

Working in oil is easy, and the CarnotJet is designed for simple servicing and hot-swaps

Video: GRC Facts & Figures, Sample Installations

Explore how to Reduce, Eliminate and Simplify data centers in this video

Video: The CarnotJet System’s Cable Management

This video showcases the CarnotJet system's cable management features in several angles

Infographic: What Matters Most for HFT and Data Centers

The top 3 things that High-Frequency Traders look for when it comes to their data centers.

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