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Data center energy efficiency. Servers immersed in oil
Cut data center cooling energy by up to 95% and server power by 10%.
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Low cost data cneter infrastructure
Reduce data center construction costs by up to 60% while simplifying the architecture.
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Server immersed in mineral oil based ElectroSafe coolant from Green Revolution Cooling helps improve server reliability and performance
Improve server performance and reliability. Protect servers from dust, moisture, and oxidation.
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Customers and users of the CarnotJet System, liquid immersion for data center cooling

The CarnotJet System

Low cost, high-efficiency data center cooling system.
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Minimus Servers

The Data Center Easy Button: Purpose-built servers + cooling + power distribution.
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CNJ-C3 Container

No facility? No problem. Drag and drop the CNJ-C3 virtually anywhere on the planet.
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Supported OEMs

  • Learning Center

    Learning center resources for oil immersion data center cooling. Includes Case studies, fact sheets, white papers, and more.
    A collection of white papers, case studies, videos, and fact sheets.
  • Videos

    Videos of oil immersion cooled data centers
    See the system in action, watch customer interviews, and learn more about how it works.
  • Gallery

    Picture gallery containing images of data centers using oil immersion cooling
    A collection of images form some of our public installations.

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White papers, Case studies, Videos, Data sheets and more

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Data Center Cooling Buzz:

The Disrupted Datacenter: Conditions align for a return to direct liquid cooling

By Andrew Donoghue, 451 Research

Direct liquid cooling (DLC), also known as on-chip cooling, is a method of heat dissipation where the processor or other components are close to or fully immersed in a liquid. Over the last five years, there has been a steady increase in the number of suppliers offering DLC: All of the major server OEMs now have a product. The hope is that growing requirements around big data, Internet of Things and edge computing will spur wider demand. The majority of the take-up of DLC to date has been in high-performance computing (HPC) facilities, but there are signs that a wider range of operators will be persuaded by the improved server performance, lower cooling costs and higher rack densities that DLC can enable. If DLC became more widely adopted, suppliers of conventional datacenter air-cooling equipment would face the most disruption.

Read the full article here.

DCD Webscale: why is now the right time for liquid cooling?


Liquid cooling addresses several problems facing the industry right now, according to Peter Poulin, the recently-appointed CEO of Green Revolution Cooling (GRC), a firm which has been pioneering the idea of immersing IT equipment in oil to cool it.

Read the full article here.

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