GRC’s (Green Revolution Cooling) patented liquid immersion cooling technology breaks through the limitations of other methods to deliver a dramatic improvement in data center performance and economics.

Immersing servers in liquid has shown to improve rack density, cooling capacity, data center design and location options. Our proven, highly flexible and simple design makes it easy to quickly build and run a super-efficient operation and respond rapidly to business demands, without over-provisioning.

It’s the most efficient cooling system on the market for any data center operation – including yours.

Latest News:

We have supplied 8 new racks to CGG with our new design. The new design includes a cleaner look, better cable management and it’s deeper than previous racks – now 40″ manifold depth.
The CarnotJet system has been transformed into 4 new products with more options to accommodate our rapidly growing customer base: ICEraq, ICEtank, HashRaq & HashTank.

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Do GRC Solutions Really Make a Difference?
Customers Worldwide Say Yes!

Immersion-cooled systems do not require chillers, CRAC units, raised flooring, etc. This method has the potential to cut in half the construction costs…

— David Prucnal, P.E. at NSA

We saturated the power envelope by putting twice as many systems as we would normally have, if it had a normal way of cooling…

— Laurent Clerc, VP of Information Technology at CGG

The GRC system is reducing our cooling energy consumption by up to 90%, bringing down our total energy cost by around 35%…

— CTO at DownUnder GeoSolutions

GRC’s system enabled the Tsubame-KFC to rank #1 on the Green500 list of the most efficient supercomputers in the world.

— Tokyo Institute of Technology
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How Does Liquid Cooling Work?

How do GRC’s liquid immersion cooling solutions slash data center opex and capex, multiply cooling capacity and simplify scaling? Our system does away with specialized building design and traditional data center fixtures like chillers, CRACs, CRAHs and raised floors.

OEM servers are immersed in a cooling rack filled with a proprietary, nontoxic, non-conductive coolant called ElectroSafe™, which provides 1200X the heat capacity of air. Heat from the servers is absorbed by the coolant and quickly removed from the rack. The result is a supremely energy-efficient data center cooling system with a cooling capacity up to 100 kW/rack.

Watch the video and see for yourself.

Data center cooling technology has evolved from cooling the whole room to cooling rows – and now racks of servers. Bringing the heat exchange closer to the heat source has helped improve efficiency and cooling capacity. But modern applications are pushing the boundaries well beyond the capabilities of air cooling. While air-conditioning continues to be a great solution for comfort cooling, the 100-year-old technology has outlived its usefulness.

GRC’s single-phase liquid immersion cooling offers the highest level of efficiency plus virtually unlimited capacity – without the costs, risks and complexity of other liquid cooling solutions, such as cold plate and even two-phase immersion cooling.

Modernize Your Data Center: Upgrade to Immersion

The Global Authority in Immersion Cooling

Founded in 2009, GRC pioneered the breakthrough single-phase immersion cooling technology for data centers and has helped operations like yours slash costs plus grow computing power easily, cost-effectively – and limitlessly.

GRC has since become the Immersion Cooling Authority. Perfected over the course of a decade, our innovative liquid-cooled server racks are at work across the globe within some of the world’s most respected and data-intensive organizations.

We hold ten landmark patents, have eight more pending and deliver proven bottom-line value for your IT investment.

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