As The Immersion Cooling Authority®, we know that when you choose a liquid immersion cooling system from GRC you’re not just choosing a data center cooling system that delivers unparalleled sustainability gains and operational efficiencies: you’re choosing a partner to help you at every stage of your data center transformation. From planning, through installation and deployment, to launch and ongoing day-to-day operation, GRC is your trusted partner in liquid immersion cooling, and we offer service, support, and warranty options you can rely on.

A Standard Warranty You Can Trust

All GRC immersion cooling systems include a one-year Standard Warranty. This warranty covers all parts as well as including phone support to assist you with problem determination and resolution. Furthermore, GRC clients that share their System Manager monitoring, alerting, and visualization data also enable improved troubleshooting on the part of GRC’s service and support team.

GRC also offers enhanced warranty program options that include additional years of warranty coverage and additional support features such as on-site labor, maintenance, and system monitoring to ensure we meet your specific and unique requirements. For information about enhanced warranty options, please contact your GRC account representative.

Global Warranty & Support Coverage

GRC provides installation and maintenance services, as well as extended warranty options, both directly and via our extended GRC service network. Our global service network enables a single point of contact and a consistent standard of service with technicians anywhere GRC systems are deployed, delivering the confidence and peace of mind that regardless of location, should any issues arise, you will receive high-quality service and care.

ISO Certified for Excellence in Quality Management

GRC is certified under the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System, underscoring our commitment to delivering dependable immersion cooling solutions. This certification confirms that our products and services consistently meet customer expectations and that we’re dedicated to continuous improvement across all areas of our business.


EduCloud Knowledge Base and Customer Support Portal

Have a concern or question about your GRC system? GRC customers have 24/7 access to EduCloud, our online knowledge base. Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), technical documentation about GRC systems and services, troubleshooting and maintenance guides, and more.

Still not finding what you need? Our Customer Portal enables registered GRC customers to quickly and easily connect with our team of highly skilled support professionals.

Certified Service Provider Training Programs

Do you want to train your own team to service and maintain your GRC immersion cooling system? Or perhaps you are a GRC partner and you want to add GRC system installation, maintenance and support to the services your company offers to others? GRC offers a Certified Service Provider education, training, and certification program to ensure you have the skill, knowledge, and resources to ensure consistent, efficient, reliable performance year-round.

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