• GPU-based supercomputers demanding up to 3X the conventional power
  • High energy expenditures associated with processer cooling
  • Density requirements exceeding standard cooling capacity by 15x
  • Space & infrastructure costs that eat into new cluster budgets

Here’s How GRC’s Patented Immersion Cooling Solutions Can Help High-Performance Computing Data Centers

Slash Server Energy

Green Revolution Cooling’s (GRC) patented immersion cooling technology helps create favorable budget economics by reducing server energy consumption by up to 20%!

Solve Your Power and Space Density Challenges

Our immersion cooling data center solutions can future-proof your operation by reliably cooling up to 368 kW/rack. The support for high rack densities allows you to put more compute in a rack, while the absence of hot/cold aisles helps you put racks back to back, saving valuable space in your data center.

Cut Cooling Energy Costs

– up to 90%. Our equipment draws less power than the server fans we remove.

Get More Compute From Your Budget

Our ICEraQ® solution eliminates the need for costly air-cooling infrastructure such as chillers, air handlers, humidity controls and even raised floors, helping you cut data center infrastructure costs by up to 50%. The lower spend on infrastructure allows you to allocate more of your budget toward what you really care about: computing power.

Lower Your Maintenance and Operating Costs

Our single-phase immersion cooling system has only two moving parts: coolant pumps and water pumps. This improves reliability and eliminates the operating and maintenance costs of complex components by removing chillers, air handlers and humidity control systems.

Cut Out the Noise

Typical HPC facilities are so loud that they mandate hearing protection. GRC’s immersion cooling system is virtually silent, delivering a much better work environment for you and your servers.

Key Solutions:
If you need a:
GRC Solution
Standalone, rack based cooling system for your HPC cluster (up to 100kW/rack)
Standalone, rack based cooling system for your ultra-dense HPC cluster (up to 100kW/rack) Turnkey HPC data center in a box
HPC Example Configuration

High-performance cooling for High-performance computing

ICEraQ Flex One + Supermicro 1028 GQ-TR

Support over 100kW of compute per rack with the ICEraQ Flex One.

42 Supermicro 1028 GQ servers each with:

  • 4 x Nvidia Tesla K80s
  • 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2630 V4
  • 8x16GB DDR4 Memory
  • Intel S3520 150GB SSD
  • Up to 2000W per 1U chassis

50% lower energy cost: 10-20% lower IT energy, 95% lower cooling energy.

50% lower infrastructure cost allows you to get more compute from your budget.

Immersion cooling is the future for scientific cluster servers

Power Up & Cool Down

Bring the Most Efficient Cooling Technology to Your Data Center
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