Immersion cooling optimizes HPC capabilities and efficiencies

Immersion’s Benefits for HPC

  • Cools 400 to 1000+ W processors
  • Reduces server power use 11%*
  • Cuts cooling energy up to 90%
  • Handles up to 368 kW of compute/system**
  • Minimizes processor throttling

High-performance computing (HPC) drives transformational discoveries and crushes previously insurmountable challenges. But it can also tax even the best of data centers. GRC’s powerful single-phase immersion cooling solutions help you rise to the occasion and create a thriving, energy-efficient, and cost-effective HPC operation.

The GRC Advantage for High-Performance Computing Data Centers

Reduce Power Use

Immersion lowers server energy draw and the overall power used for cooling, freeing up power for more processing.

Cut Cooling Energy Costs

Compared with conventional air, our systems reduce the cost to cool ITE up to 90% and delivery a pPUE of <1.03.

More Compute, Less Space

Our immersion cooling systems support ultra-high rack-densities, providing up to 24 kW of compute/m2.

Handle the Heat

Our systems cool the most powerful processors and future-proof against emerging CPU/GPU advancements.

Maximize Uptime

Immersion cooling improves ITE reliability and provides the best ride-through cooling during power outages.

Enhance Flexibility

ICEraQ® systems can be easily deployed in existing environments, creating high-density zones quickly and cost-effectively.

Example System: Built to Help You Master HPC

ICEraQ Flex One + Supermicro 1028 GQ-TR Servers

Cools 42 servers, each with:

  • 4x NVIDIA® Tesla® K80s
  • 2x Intel® Xeon® E5-2630 V4
  • 8x 16GB DDR4 memory
  • Intel® S3520 150GB SSD
  • Up to 2000 W per 1U chassis

Key Solutions

If You Need A:Then Explore These GRC Solutions:
Standalone, rack based cooling system for your HPC cluster (up to 368 kW/system)ICEraQ Duo, Quad, or Flex
Turnkey HPC data center in a boxICEtank IT40

* On average
** With 13° C (55.4° F) water

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