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With its proven performance and operational simplicity, immersion cooling can fast-track you toward accomplishing your data center’s mission. Constant monitoring of your infrastructure is also critical.


That’s why we developed GRC Systems Manager, which is a powerful appliance providing centralized access to all connected ICEraQ® and ICEtank® systems through a single interface, utilizing your secure network. Although not necessary for efficient operation and maximum reliability, the Systems Manager offers peace of mind via its reporting and alert capabilities.

Key Features:

Early Fault Icon

Early Fault Detection: Rely on reporting and alerting capabilities to quickly detect potential issues related to filter life, pump performance, heat exchanger efficiency, and more. Proactively schedule repairs and avoid unplanned downtime.

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Smart Alerts: Receive text or email alerts based on a variety of configurable trigger events, keeping you informed wherever you are.

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Robust Reporting: Systems Manager continuously logs rich performance data to ensure easy troubleshooting and metadata analysis. Logged data is available for viewing via dashboard or as a downloadable data file (see below).

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GRC System Alert Management Service: Resolve issues faster by providing GRC VPN access to your system’s logs, log archives, and PLC settings.

Product Components
GRC Systems Manager Software and Server
5-Port Unmanaged Switch
Network Cables
4-Port Cellular Router (optional)
Alert Watchdog
Data Sender
Data Scraper
Measurements Logged/Reported
Operating Temperatures (water and coolant)
Operating Pressures (water and coolant)
Primary Coolant Pump Power Consumption
Primary Coolant Pump Speed
Rack Temperatures
Liquid Level (multiple locations)
System Health, Diagnostics & Early Fault Detection

Maximize uptime by putting another star performer on your data center team. Free up your time and gain real peace of mind.

With GRC Systems Manager you’ll always be in the know, from anywhere, because it provides 24/7 visibility into system performance. What’s more, you’ll be confident your servers are up and running, and that you’re realizing the enhanced reliability and service life immersion cooling has to offer.

Comprehensive Monitoring
View the status and performance of all networked ICEraQ systems.

System 1 Report image
System 2 Reporting image

Downloadable Logs
Easily export system data in standard formats to perform custom analytics.

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