Want to add blockchain computing power but don’t have a facility? Need to go where there’s clean, affordable power?
HashTank™ immersion cooling solutions from Green Revolution Cooling (GRC) are the answer.  They’re turnkey mining data centers built inside ISO shipping containers, giving you total location flexibility—even for adverse conditions.  You provide the power, water and network.  We do the rest.
  • Cut cooling energy by up to 95%
  • Attain an mPUE <1.05
  • Lower upfront costs 60%
  • Enables high-density data center layouts
  • Entirely ASIC/GPU-agnostic

Whether You’re Interested In Bitcoin Or Blockchain Mining,
There’s A HashTank Solution That’s Right For You.

HashTank H20

Antminers not included

20’ container, 2 x 52U immersion-cooled racks and 2 coolant distribution units (CDU) supporting 216 kW of IT load

HashTank H40

Antminers not included

40’ container, 6 x 52U immersion-cooled racks and 6 coolant distribution units (CDU) supporting 648 kW of IT load

HashTank H20c

Antminers included

144 Antminer S9 units in a 20′ container, 2 x 52U immersion-cooled racks and 2 coolant distribution units (CDU) supporting 216 kW of IT load

HashTank H40c

Antminers included

432 Antminer S9 units in a 40′ container, 6 x 52U immersion-cooled racks and 6 coolant distribution units (CDU) supporting 648 kW of IT load

  • Includes switches, power distribution, custom cables, cable management, cooling towers, water treatment and fire detection
  • ISO container allows for easy transportation
  • Sealed container resists even the harshest environmental elements
  • Hybrid/dry cooler options available

HashTank™ Bitcoin Mining Container Solutions Include:

  • 20’ or 40’ ISO shipping container data center
  • Coolant distribution unit (CDU) + rack(s)
  • Bitmain Antminer S9 units – HashTank c-Series only
  • Custom rack-mountable sleds that house 6 Antminer S9 units, per 4U chassis
  • Integrated electrical infrastructure – including power distribution, breakers, panels, etc.
  • Racks filled with our proprietary ElectroSafe liquid coolant
  • GRC’s Foresight monitoring and alerts application
  • Fire detection
  • Mini-split A/C unit for technician comfort
  • Integrated cable management
  • Rack-mounted service rails for easy server maintenance and hot swaps
  • One-year limited warranty including 24/7 on-call GRC support staff and 24/7 remote monitoring

The Antminer S9 is:

  • The world’s most efficient miner
  • The world’s first bitcoin mining ASIC based on the 16nm process node
  • A compact, time-tested design
  • Optimized for immersion by GRC

Power Up & Cool Down

Containerized Immersion Cooling System for Blockchain Applications

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