Supercharge Your Data Center by Learning the Latest Insights, Trends and Practices.

Discover immersion cooling’s multitude of benefits of through some of the biggest names in data center technology by tapping into the IT expertise and reliability offered by GRC and our Global Alliance Partners, Dell, Intel and Vertiv. You’ll stay up on latest trends and data center challenges, how they’re being addressed, who’s been successful, and what the future looks like.

You’ll come away with key learnings such as:

  • The best selection criteria, design considerations, and ways to prepare teams for the shift to immersion cooling
  • How immersion cooling has solved numerous real-world challenges at fully operational data centers
  • Intel’s take on the latest industry trends—and how to capitalize on them

Stay Up to Date On the Latest Data Center Trends:

Each Session Lasts About 60 Minutes and Can Be Viewed at Your Convenience!

GRC Global Alliance Partners Webinars

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Key Design & Implementation Considerations for an Immersion Cooled Data Center

To achieve maximum benefit when adopting immersion cooling, optimizing mechanical, electrical, and operational design is critical. This session covers the approach to selection criteria, design considerations, and preparing operational teams for the shift in technologies, when integrating single-phase immersion cooling into both existing and newly designed data centers.


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A Look at Immersion Cooling Case Studies and Where the Technology is Headed

Dell & GRC have partnered to deliver all-in-one immersion cooling server systems for on-premises and edge deployments. In this session, GRC CRO Jim Weynand and Dell OEM Group CTO Alan Brumley discuss previous installations and the issues the two companies are solving for clients by implementing the technology. The two also explore the future of immersion cooling as the heir apparent to legacy data center cooling.


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Immersion Cooling — The Future is NOW

A discussion of the industry trends that are driving the adoption of immersion cooling. What Intel is hearing from some of its largest customers regarding the problems they are looking to solve and how immersion can contribute solutions. Examples of customers that are using immersion technology and the benefits they are deriving. Finally, a discussion about the future of immersion cooling, and what the industry should expect.


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