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Transform Your Data Center into a Sustainability Giant

Hyperscalers like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft are doing massive work to address carbon neutrality and data center sustainability. But most data centers don’t have millions to spend on similar initiatives. So, what’s your best course of action?

There are many mature, well-vetted and low risk approaches that can move you toward sustainability – starting today. That’s where GRC can help. By sharing a few of our experiences and results, we’ll show you a path forward.

Give Us 60 Minutes as We Cover:

  • Current Forecasts: The state of data centers’ carbon emissions and latest predictions
  • The Drive to Carbon Neutrality: How hyperscalers like Google, Facebook and Microsoft are advancing toward 100% renewable energy
  • Pressure From Outside Forces: Why non-hyperscalers should follow their lead
  • What’s Possible Today: Affordable, proven technologies to help you go green
  • Real-World Examples: “Climate positive” results of non-hyperscale operations featuring sustainability initiatives and results

Advancing sustainability isn’t a question – It’s reality. It’s smart to be prepared!