Advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning have explosive potential, however they also introduce unprecedented obstacles for data centers. These issues lead to under-performing ITE, inefficient power use, increased costs, and more. Conventional air cooling is unable to sufficiently remove the heat. Other cooling options, such as liquid to chip, only cool the processors. Plus, it still relies on air cooling to remove the balance of the heat and plumbing each chip complicates deployments and technology refreshes.
There’s only one cooling technology that delivers optimal cooling and performance results for these operations…single-phase liquid immersion cooling.

Immersion Delivers for AI & ML

  • Tackles 400+ W TDP chips
  • Reduces server power 11%
  • Cuts cooling energy up to 90%
  • Cools up to 368 kw/system
  • Minimizes processor throttling
  • Decreases server latency

The GRC Advantage for AI & Machine Learning

High-Density Cooling

Our immersion cooling systems enable optimal heat removal from high-performance servers in the high-density proximity minimizing processor throttling and latency.

Energy Efficiency

Compared with conventional, air-cooled data centers, immersion cooling systems use significantly less energy, freeing up power for more compute and reducing operating costs.

Anywhere Installation

Our systems are simple, flexible, and resilient, meaning advanced computing operations can be deployed where they’re needed the most—from an existing data center to an arid desert.

Space Optimization

Immersion supports high rack-densities, providing more compute in a smaller footprint. Our range of models, flexible configurations, and minimal infrastructure allow for an optimal footprint in any facility.

CapEx Savings

In greenfield builds, immersion cooling eliminates costly air-cooling infrastructure such as chillers, air handlers, humidity controls and even raised floors, significantly reducing capital expense.

Rapid Deployment

With their minimal infrastructure requirements and modular design, our systems typically bring expanded compute capacity into a facility in as little as three months.

Deployment Example:
Enterprise AI

One ICEraQ S10-Duo with Two 42U racks housing:

  • Three Dell PowerEdge R660 servers for Base Command Manager Essentials and Kubernetes Control Plane
  • Thirteen Dell PowerEdge XE9680 8-GPU (NVIDIA H100) servers for Compute Worker Nodes
  • Two Dell PowerSwitch S5232 switches for K8S and Storage Network
  • One Dell PowerSwitch N3248 switch for PXE and OOB Management
  • ~112kW total power draw

Power Up & Cool Down

Bring the Most Efficient Cooling Technology to Your Data Center
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