Scenes from Shell’s VIP Open House at Element Critical’s Skybox Datacenters Houston Facility


Installation Details

  • Location: Katy, Texas, USA
  • Industry: Energy
  • Capacity (in MW): 1.2 MW

Shell was excited to showcase their new Penguin Solutions HPC cluster utilizing AMD processors inside GRC ICEraQ Series 10 Duo immersion cooling systems, allowing attendees to see first-hand how renewable power paired with smart energy management solutions, immersion cooled servers and next-generation chip technology, are together helping Shell to optimize performance relative to cost, while revolutionizing system efficiency – and providing a blueprint for customers working towards their own business and sustainability goals.

Shell, a GRC Electrosafe partner, is a producer of high quality immersion fluids that are available worldwide. The fluids have been tested and validated in Green Revolution Cooling immersion cooling systems, and the results were phenomenal. Each of the GRC immersion systems shown can cool 200kW of compute using warm facility water — up to 100kW per 42u rack with 90ºF water. And if your facility has a chilled water supply (~45ºF), you can nearly double the cooling capacity of each system. Shell has 1.2MW of compute immersed in these racks — that’s a ton of compute in a small footprint!