Immersion cooling has emerged as one of the most effective ways to efficiently address increasingly hot data centers, and selecting an optimal fluid is a key part of that solution.

But given the growing thermal challenges posed by advanced CPUs and GPUs, when it comes to choosing the best fluid for any given operation one size definitely does not fit all. Individual fluid properties can have a major impact on critical data center metrics such as performance, infrastructure integrity, and longevity, along with sustainability, so choosing the right fluid for
your deployment is critical. But fluid specifications can be confusing, making it challenging to choose which is right for your equipment and operational goals.

That’s why GRC created the ElectroSafe® Fluid Partner Program. As The Immersion Cooling Authority, GRC and its staff of experts can help you sift through the details and select the best fluid for your application. We rigorously vet and test fluids from many trusted vendors, giving you the confidence that your selected fluid will meet your expectations of quality, performance, reliability, and sustainability.

As The Immersion Cooling Authority®, GRC is uniquely qualified to help guide you to the best immersion cooling fluids for your unique requirements. We work directly with our ElectroSafe partners to validate their dielectric fluids for use in our immersion cooling systems, ensuring globally available, environmentally responsible solutions that meet material compatibility, performance, efficiency, sustainability, and safety requirements.

Partner Fluids Are Thoroughly Evaluated to Ensure Maximum Benefit to End Users:

  • Quality and safety
  • Performance & system compatibility
  • Integrity over time
  • Lifecycle management
  • Eco-friendliness/sustainability
  • Reliable supply, cost, and lead times