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The CarnotJet System helps you get more for less. The system enables overall increase in performance of servers and the data center as a whole. This performance increase is enabled by:

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More Compute per Watt

The CarnotJet System’s extremely powerful and efficient cooling mechanism translates into much more than just energy savings. Here are some of the things made possible in a submersion cooling environment:

  • Support more servers with existing power infrastructure
  • Over-clock traditional processors

Faster Servers

Servers installed in the CarnotJet liquid submersion cooling system benefit greatly from lower component temperatures. ElectroSafe coolant keeps server components on average 20º C lower than they would be in an air-cooling environment. Increased thermal overhead allows for increased processor clock speeds and better overall data center performance.

Higher Density Racks

The CarnotJet system delivers compelling value to data centers starting at rack densities of 6 kW and up. But the system is capable of supporting the highest density in the industry — up to 100 kW per 42U rack.

Most customers elect to install a cooling capacity of 10kW – 20 kW per rack. Since rack capacity is a function of coolant flow, there is always the possibility of upgrading the pump module to provide more cooling overhead in the future.


Server Reliability

Immersed servers in the CarnotJet System have been seen to have a significantly lower failure rate. This improved reliability can be attributed to:


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The CarnotJet system has proven to be exceptionally reliable and is helping reduce the frequency of failures.

Dr Stuart Midgley, CTO at DownUnder GeoSolutions

Protection from Dust, Moisture, and Oxidation

Servers immersed in the ElectroSafe Coolant stay protected from dust, moisture, and oxidation, which are known to be among the leading causes of failure of IT equipment. Further, the constant filtration and flow of the coolant along the surface of the equipment has a rinsing effect that prevents any kind of particulate accumulation.

Lower Chip Temperature

The CarnotJet System, through its highly efficient cooling mechanism, maintains lower surface temperatures throughout the IT equipment, with a difference of +/-1˚C across any two points in the tank. The lower temperatures along with the elimination of hot spots is known to improve server life and performance.

Elimination of Common Points of Failure (eg. chassis fans)

Moving parts are known to have a significantly higher rate of failure than static components. The elimination of components like chassis fans itself eliminates one of the leading points of failure in the equipment.

Reduced Vibrations and Reseat Errors

The ElectroSafe coolant can significantly reduce reseating errors due to its high dielectric strength, which is 6 times that of air (12MV/meter vs. 2 MV/meter). The use of dielectric compounds to increase connector reliability is well documented and common in the fields of industrial automation and the automotive industry. This effect is complemented by the reduced vibration due to the removal of fans and the dampening effect of the fluid.

Download the case study showing hardware failure data from 2,000+ nodes, collected over a span of one year. 

Case Study: Hardware Reliability


We’ve had zero server or cooling failures in the 18 months that the system has been running.

Vanessa Acin Portella, IT Team Leader at PIC

Data Center Reliability

Apart from the increased reliability of the equipment immersed in the ElectroSafe coolant, the CarnotJet System also increases the overall reliability of the data center and infrastructure. Here’s what makes the CarnotJet System powered data center significantly more reliable:

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2N Redundancy and Early Fault Detection

The CarnotJet System comes typically comes with 2N redundancy on pumps and N+1 redundancy on heat exchangers, and can be customized as per customer needs. Further, the control system constantly monitors the system health and sends out regular reports and alerts.

Elimination of Points of Failure

The CarnotJet System simplifies the complete data center setup by eliminating a number of components such as server fans, CRAC and CRAH units, etc. This reduction in the number of components means fewer points of failure and higher levels of overall system reliability.

Power-free Cooling in Case of Catastrophic Failure

Despite the increased reliability and redundancy, should there be a failure of the cooling system, the ElectroSafe coolant itself can provide a limited amount of power-free cooling. Due to its high heat capacity, ElectroSafe is able to give extended response time in the form of thermal ride through or power-free cooling. Each 275 gallon tank in the CarnotJet System provides 13 kWH of ride-through time, so a 12 kW rack would have over an hour of power-free cooling in the event of a catastrophic failure.

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