Two Great Names. One Smart Source for Future-Proof, Sustainable Computing.

Soaring heat loads. Rising density demands. Complex edge deployments. Don’t go it alone: let GRC and Dell deliver the perfect combination of high-performance servers and best-in-class immersion cooling solution. With our collaboration you’ll have an all-in-one cooling solution through the single-source of your choice – and meet the future head-on.

For well over a decade, GRC has pioneered single-phase immersion cooling technologies, and has become an industry leader by offering solutions that help companies grow computing power easily, cost-effectively, sustainably, and limitlessly. Our systems cut cooling power up to 90%, reduce or even eliminates water use, and lower carbon emissions up to 21%—all while delivering a pPUE of <1.03.

By working with our Global Alliance Partners, we put the expertise & reliability of the biggest names in data center technology to work for you. When you choose an immersion cooling solution from GRC, powered by Dell Technologies, you can rest assured that, from development through installation & post-sales support, you’ll have a team of experts committed to delivering a comprehensive solution designed to meet your needs today—and into the future.

How Our Collaboration Benefits You

  • High-performance servers + best-in-class immersion cooling
  • Fast, seamless procurement, installation and configuration
  • Mainstream and high-density server compatibility
  • Worry-free server compatibility
  • Reliability of two of the IT industry’s most reputable organizations

The Problem:
Escalating Data Center Challenges

  • Out of power
  • Out of floor space
  • Inadequate thermal design
  • Power costs are increasing 10% (or more!) annually
  • Increasing rack densities
  • Edge computing opportunities
  • Rapid data center deployment needs

The Solution:
Immersion Cooling

  • Instant, dramatic impact to meeting ESG initiatives
  • Eliminate complex infrastructure: no CRACs, CRAHs, or humidity controls
  • No raised floors
  • No chillers needed
  • 10-20% reduction in server power by removing fan
  • No location constraints
  • Low PUE of <1.03
  • Electrosafe Dielectric Coolant has a 15-year warranty

Why GRC?

  • Founded in 2009 
  • The trusted authority in single phase immersion cooling
  • Holder of 19 patents — with 13 pending
  • Strong vetting by IT icons such as the Intel®, NSA, and USAF
  • Worldwide installations in over 20 countries
  • Customer documented server reliability better, or equal to, air-cooled systems
  • Key industry-trusted OEM partners

Your GRC and Dell Technologies Global Alliance Partnership Team

Jim Weynand
Chief Revenue Officer

Tim Banks
Global Director, Strategic Alliances

Curt Wallace
Senior Solutions Architect

Thomas DeLuna
Global OEM Account Manager

Vinay Gupta
OEM Solutions Sales Engineer

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