In an ever-evolving technological landscape, GRC and ENEOS are collaborating to shape the future of data center cooling. With GRC’s industry-leading immersion cooling technology, bolstered by ENEOS’ precision-formulated coolants, we’re setting new performance, energy efficiency, and cost-savings benchmarks for operations around the world.

ElectroSafe: The Lifeblood of ICEraQ Cooling Systems

Managing heat is not just about the cooling system —it’s about utilizing the right fluid for each specific application. The GRC ENEOS partnership is dedicated to innovating, validating, and delivering ElectroSafe fluids tailored for every need. By leveraging these advancements, data center operators will ensure consistently optimal performance within an environmentally-conscious framework.

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Maximize Performance & Efficiency with Immersion

As processors generate ever-increasing heat, legacy air-cooling systems are hitting their thermal limitations. By immersing ITE components in specialized non-conductive ElectroSafe fluids, data centers can achieve unparalleled heat dissipation, ensure longer component life, and bypass the pitfalls of traditional cooling solutions.

Super-Cool Advantages

For data center operators, the merits of immersion cooling are clear: unparalleled efficiency, substantial savings in capital and operational costs, and incredible location flexibility. As a welcome byproduct, this approach also promotes greener operations, positioning data centers who’ve adopted the technology at the forefront of sustainable practices.

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