White Paper: Precision-Engineered Immersion Cooling Fluids Enhance Data Center Performance

Immersion Cooling Fluids Selection: Simplified

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Enhancing Data Center Performance
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Immersion cooling has helped facilitate the meteoric rise of high-performance computing. But not all single-phase immersion cooling fluids are the same. Knowing the difference can have a big impact on your data center’s performance. So, we created this comprehensive white paper as a primer to help you make the best fluid selection for your operation.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why choosing the right fluid is key to data center performance
  • Considerations for improved health, safety and sustainability
  • The factors involved the ElectroSafe® Fluid Partner Testing Program
  • Fluid testing regimens every operator should demand
  • How GRC and ENEOS take the complexity out of immersion fluid selection

This informative, easy-to-scan white paper is essential reading for every data center operator. Download your copy now!