Green Revolution Cooling’s (GRC’s) liquid immersion technology is on the cutting edge of data center cooling. With our warranty and service commitment, you’ll never be on the edge of your seat wondering whether they will perform as promised.

Standard Warranty and Maintenance

We offer a one-year limited Standard Warranty on our products which covers parts and labor in the event of an issue with materials or workmanship. We also offer customized warranty program options available to meet the requirements of your operation.

Our Enhanced Warranty provides higher levels of service and response. You can customize your specific warranty plan with your GRC Account Representative.

Worldwide Warranty & Support

GRC’s global service partner network provides customers in 150+ countries installation and maintenance services, as well as extended warranty options. This coverage includes not only our liquid immersion-cooling systems but all installed OEM servers that have undergone our Conversion-to-Immersion process.

Our global service partner network enables a single point of contact, quick response times (within 24 hours), plus a consistent standard of service with technicians that speak the local language. This is especially beneficial for companies with a multi-national footprint, giving them the confidence and peace of mind that their data centers have access to the same high-quality service regardless of where they’re located. Find out more by contacting a GRC representative at +1.512.692.8003 or

Server Support

Our ICE and Hash immersion cooling solutions work with all major server OEMs:

Power Up & Cool Down

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