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Server Support

Several server OEMs currently provide support for equipment installed in the CarnotJet for installations at scale:

Third-Party Support

Green Revolution Cooling has partnered with Signature Technology Group, one of the largest third-party warranty and IT support companies in the US, to offer supplemental warranty and support on servers and other IT hardware installed in the CarnotJet system.

STG currently partners with some of the nation’s largest companies and institutions to provide hardware and system support for more than 200,000 devices. STG has over 6,000 certified technicians available 24/7. STG offers a single source model that is designed to deliver consistent and reliable end-to-end technology support across numerous manufacturers.

CarnotJet System Warranty

The CarnotJet™ submersion cooling system comes with a robust warranty, which may include 24/7 system monitoring, on-site repair, and support on a per-incident basis. The CarnotJet system also comes with a limited lifetime warranty on all submersion cooling racks.

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