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The CarnotJet System

Low cost, high efficiency liquid cooling for data centers.
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Minimus Servers

The Data Center Easy Button: Purpose-built servers + cooling + power distribution.
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CNJ-C3 Container

No facility? No problem. Drag and drop the CNJ-C3 virtually anywhere on the planet.
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  • Learning Center

    Learning center resources for oil immersion data center cooling. Includes Case studies, fact sheets, white papers, and more.
    A collection of white papers, case studies, videos, and fact sheets.
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    Picture gallery containing images of data centers using oil immersion cooling
    A collection of images form some of our public installations.
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    Videos of oil immersion cooled data centers
    See the system in action, watch customer interviews, and learn more about how it works.

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White papers, Case studies, Videos, Data sheets and more

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Data Center Cooling Buzz:

What Is Oil Submersion Data Center Cooling?


By Colocation America
…Data center cooling is a *cough* hot topic and we’ve written in length about it in the past—but this time we’re going to shift our paradigm from what we normally write about in regards to data center cooling.

Thanks to our innovative friends at Green Revolution Cooling (GRC), we now know that cooling the air in a data center is not as efficient as submerging the servers in liquid—oil to be exact…

Read more about the CarnotJet System here.

The Immersion Supercomputer: Extreme Efficiency, Needs No Water

By Rich Miller

…The system has emerged as one of the world’s most efficient supercomputers, as measured by Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), the leading metric for the efficiency of data center facilities. The Vienna Science Cluster 3 system touts a mechanical PUE of just 1.02, meaning the cooling system overhead is just 2 percent of the energy delivered to the system…


Download the VSC case study here.

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