Efficient Data Center Cooling Solutions from Green Revolution Cooling

GRC In the Press

Doing More with Less: Cooling Computers with Oil Pays Off – In The Next Wave, the NSA’s research journal centered on emerging technologies, author and liquid immersion cooling expert David Prucnal, PE takes a thorough look at this disruptive technology, prominently featuring GRC’s CarnotJet™ System. Read the inspiring article here.

European Win in Cost-Effectiveness Competition for Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC) – GRC is providing a cluster with the highest maximized computational output per cost for a progressive set of Austrian universities. Read the Case Study on Optimizing Hardware here.

Featured in The New York Times and HPCwire – Green Revolution Cooling’s CarnotJet™ System has recently been the focus of articles exploring cost and energy efficiency in liquid submersion cooling, such as Liquid-Cooled Supercomputers, to Trim the Power Bill and Immersion Cooling Floated as Green Energy Solution.

Four New White Papers from GRC

Green Revolution Cooling has just released 4 new white papers discussing a collection of progressive topics such as:

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Liquid Submersion Cooling for Data Center Servers from Green Revolution Cooling:

  • Reduce data center cooling power by up to 95%
  • Reduce data center build-out costs by up to 60%
  • Reduce total data center power by up to 50% ongoing
  • Never buy another air handler, chiller, or CRAC

Green Revolution Cooling produces the CarnotJet™, a highly efficient, low-cost submersion cooling solution for data center servers. With support for any rack-mounted server from any OEM or ODM, the solution provides world-class performance at commodity pricing.

Whether installing four racks or four-hundred racks, build a better, more reliable, and more efficient data center with liquid submersion cooling.

Learn more about the CarnotJet™ solution today!