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Customer Successes

Customer Successes

Featured CustomersWhat the most innovative, forward-thinking institutions say about GRC

Orange Telecommunication

"GRCooling is the most efficient we have tested. We save about 20% versus our existing free cooling system..."


“We saturated the power envelope by putting twice as many systems as we would normally have, if it had a normal way of cooling”


"We've proven to ourselves that they are efficient. It could mean that a higher clock speed is possible in an oil immersion installation."

DownUnder GeoSolutions

“The GRC system is reducing our cooling energy consumption by up to 90%, bringing down our total energy cost by around 35%...”

CBT Nuggets

"Our equipment runs at a more consistent and lower temperature in the GRC solution while consuming less power at the server level."


"Immersion-cooled systems do not require chillers, CRAC units, raised flooring, etc. This method has the potential to cut in half the construction costs..."

Vienna Scientific Cluster

"We are setting new standards here...where we can examine complex questions to an even better level, but also in terms of sustainability."

Tokyo Institute of Technology

GRC's CarnotJet System enabled the Tsubame-KFC to rank #1 on the Green500 list of the most efficient supercomputers in the world.


"Even in the 100 degree temperatures we've been having all summer, we've been able to run the system."


Dataplace offers services of outhousing mission
critical ICT equipment to take advantage of
increasing availability and continuity.

Power Solutions

Power Solutions provides innovative electrical solutions in Costa Rica, El Salvador and Central America.

Midas Green Tech

“I am excited to save money and to show customers that we are one of the most forward-thinking data centers in the world.”

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