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Did You Know There Are Government Incentives for Going Green?

On: February 20, 2023 Comments: 0
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Governments offer incentives for various behaviors they want to encourage. A common category of government incentives covers environmentally friendly activities. Some of these incentives apply to data centers that use green practices like liquid immersion cooling. And because data centers can stand to benefit from any income source they can find, these incentives are worth exploring.

Government incentives can take the form of grants or tax breaks. When you invest in energy-efficient equipment such as Green Revolution Cooling’s (GRC) liquid immersion cooling systems, governments recognize the improvement and offer financial benefits. Using renewable energy is another popular approach to earning incentives.

Data center sustainability has its own benefits beyond government incentives. When you go green, you’ll increase operational efficiency and profits, win over environmentally conscious customers, and contribute to the well-being of the public and the planet.

government incentives

Government Incentives for Sustainable Business Practices

There are subsidies available at the state and national level in various countries and even in some cities and counties. Utilities and other organizations also offer grants for green businesses. Government incentives for eco-friendly practices include the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and Emission Reduction Credits (ERCs).

ERCs indicate that you have lowered your carbon emissions, such as by upgrading from air to liquid immersion cooling. These have financial value, as you can sell ERCs to organizations that need to offset their excess carbon emissions.

The business energy ITCs are issued by the U.S. federal government for renewable energy equipment. For example, if a data center buys wind or solar generators, they would qualify for ITCs.

At the state level, there are incentives such as Illinois’ data center investment tax exemptions and credits. These cover construction costs for data centers meeting green building standards. Liquid immersion cooling can help data centers become green.

You can also find incentives in other countries. In India, for example, a state government is offering incentives on land with electrical and network connections to data centers using 30% or more renewable energy. Wherever you want to operate a sustainable data center, you can rely on GRC’s global supply network for liquid immersion cooling.

government incentives

Data Centers Are Facing More Regulations

Government incentives form part of the landscape of benefits and challenges in environmental regulations for data centers. These regulations are increasing as lawmakers and the public become more attuned to the environmental effects of data centers.

Environmental regulations, including incentives, aim to protect people and the environment. These laws punish irresponsible behaviors that dump pollutants into the atmosphere and reward responsible behaviors that keep the planet clean. Therefore, working toward government incentives for green data centers isn’t just good business sense; it also aligns with the wider community’s interests.

Green technology like GRC’s liquid immersion cooling naturally uses fewer and safer resources. This qualifies data centers for government incentives while making operations sustainable.

Benefits of Having a More Sustainable Business

Running a sustainable data center has numerous advantages in addition to any government incentives you may win. For instance, you’ll be doing your part for the environment and gaining the support of many people, including customers and employees. Green data center technology like GRC’s liquid immersion cooling has financial and technical benefits as well.

There are several established practices for running a sustainable data center. Following these practices will improve profitability: a green data center spends less on electricity and real estate, among other unnecessary costs.

Another advantage: sustainable data centers measure their resource use, so they have precise knowledge of what goes through their facilities. This goes toward keeping costs down and keeping the environment clean. It’s also a valuable tool for planning and comparison.

By measuring resource use, you can easily see how much your electricity consumption has gone up or down each month or how your water use compares to industry trends over the years. Then, you can determine where to invest resources based on detailed evidence. And with environmental regulations tightening further, you’re also better prepared for compliance in the future.

In short, when you have a more sustainable business, you can attract high-paying customers, earn government incentives, and qualify for industry certifications and benchmarks. Plus, you’ll run a more efficient and inherently profitable enterprise, since modern green technology works better than the alternatives.

Liquid Immersion Cooling: The Greenest Data Center Technology

When you’re ready to go green, look to GRC’s liquid immersion cooling system. It cuts carbon emissions and water use, eliminating much of a data center’s electricity consumption. Government incentives are often based on just these factors: low carbon, water, and electricity. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more environmentally friendly technology anywhere.

In addition to its sustainability advantages, immersion cooling also costs about half as much as conventional air cooling. Moreover, liquid cooling keeps servers in good shape for longer. It takes the limits off computational density, and it makes the data center environment quiet and comfortable.

Liquid immersion cooling single-handedly makes data centers much greener. It conserves far more resources than air cooling and other alternatives. What’s more, single-phase liquid immersion cooling is a practical technology that’s already working in the greenest supercomputer as well as many business and government data centers worldwide.

Liquid immersion is your eco-friendly option for government grants. The technology also simplifies data center construction and operation. Therefore, immersion cooling is the best choice a data center operator can make for the environment and for their own business interests.

Earn Government Incentives With GRC

Government incentives improve the revenues of your business while encouraging desirable behaviors that are environmentally friendly. There are many incentives available for green data centers, and liquid immersion cooling is the key technology to make your facility sustainable.

GRC develops the industry’s leading liquid immersion cooling systems. In addition to qualifying your data center for grants, it will cut the total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase server density. Contact GRC today to learn more about how you can earn government incentives and improve operations.