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The CarnotJet System

The CarnotJet System

The CarnotJet System is a liquid immersion cooling solution for data center servers. Rack-mounted servers from any OEM are installed in special racks filled with a dielectric mineral oil blend called ElectroSafe, an electrical insulator with 1,200x more heat capacity by volume than air.

ElectroSafe Coolant

The ElectroSafe coolant is a non-toxic, clear, odorless, dielectric mineral oil blend. Dielectric oils have a history of being used in not just computing and electric power applications but in medical and domestic applications as well, making it extremely easy to handle and work with.

The high performance, low cost oil is readily available and is rated as 0-1-0 substance by the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA), meaning that it poses no risk to human health, does not ignite readily, and can be treated with any fire suppression substance, including water.

Download the ElectroSafe coolant fact sheet for more information on the coolant. Click here to download.


The CarnotJet System has four major components:
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Rack (42U) tipped over its back and enclosed in a tank

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Design of the standard 42U CarnotJet rack. OEM and ODM servers are installed vertically into the rack.

The CarnotJet server rack is designed for durability and flexibility: the rack supports servers from any OEM, in either Standard 19″, Open Compute Standard, or custom form factors. Servers are lowered vertically into the liquid-filled rack. PDUs may be mounted to the front or the back of the rack and a wide variety of solutions is available to support large quantities of networking cables.

Pump Module (2N redundant) including the heat exchanger and strainer

The pump module contains coolant pumps, filters, and coolant-to-water heat exchangers. It is responsible for circulating the coolant between the racks and the heat exchangers. The hot coolant is removed from the racks, cooled through the heat exchangers and returned to the racks after filtration. By providing consistent and powerful coolant flow, the pump module promotes a stable and uniform cooling environment for the servers that is controlled to ±1° C throughout the Rack.

The pump module requires power connectivity and water connectivity from the facility. The pump module may be configured to use virtually any form of water available in a data center facility.

The pump module comes with built in redundancy; the coolant pumps are 2N redundant, while other components such as the heat exchanger can be made either N+1 or 2N redundant as per customer needs. The 2N redundant pumps ensure uninterrupted cooling even in the case of a primary pump failure. Depending on the space requirements of the facility, the pump module may be installed adjacent to the racks, under the floor, or in the data center periphery.

DCIM & Control System

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The CarnotJet System comes integrated with a number of sensors and a control system that provides critical system data and highly sophisticated diagnostics tools. A full suite of software enables precision control of the data center environment along with early fault detection and regular system diagnostics.

The control system optimizes coolant flow to provide the most efficient coolant flow at all times for the given heat load. Advanced features such as temperature analysis, pressure and coolant level verification, power consumption, smart monitoring, and diagnostics are all provided.

The ongoing monitoring is backed by GRC’s 24/7 on call engineers, who can be provided access to system data to help with remote diagnosis.

Control Module outputs include log files of the above parameters, e-mail and SMNP diagnostic alerts, and regular status condition updates. The information is available locally or through a secure web based dashboard provided by Green Revolution Cooling. Additionally, the information can be easily relayed to any existing DCIM through a number of system integration protocols including BACnet, SNMP, RESTful API, etc.

Cooling Tower or dry cooler to extract heat from the system

The CarnotJet System is extremely flexible and can work with a number of methods of final heat rejection ranging from an evaporative cooling tower to a chilled water loop, or even a dry cooler. The system’s ability to efficiently cool systems using water as warm as 50˚C (122˚F) allows the use of evaporative cooling alone, eliminating the need for any chillers or refrigerants.

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A typical installation uses an evaporative cooling tower. However, it is not uncommon to use the return line on an existing chilled water loop at sites where warm water cannot be made available to the system.

Servers installed in the racks are completely submerged in the liquid, which captures the heat produced by the IT equipment and sends it to a heat exchanger.  The  heat exchanger then expels the heat outside the room via a warm water-loop and cooling tower/ dry cooler.


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The standard CarnotJet building block includes four immersion cooling racks and one pump module. Data centers build-out their cooling capacity by adding additional blocks of 4 racks + 1 pump module.

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