Need to add computing power in the middle of nowhere? Want to expand your data center but only have a parking lot to do so? Can’t move everything to the cloud and need to find a hybrid approach for storage? Data center running out of capacity? 
ICEtank immersion cooling solutions from Green Revolution Cooling (GRC) are the answer. They’re turnkey data center containers with complete cooling and power infrastructure that give you total location flexibility – even for adverse conditions.

Rapidly deploy in any environment
 Cool up to 100 kW/rack
 Cut cooling energy by up to 95%
 Attain an mPUE <1.05
 Lower upfront costs 60%
 Reduce server power draw 10-20%
 Fast deployment: 10 to 14 weeks
 Compatible with leading OEM servers

Whether You’re Diving Into Hybrid Cloud Computing or Updating Your On-Premise Data Center Server, There’s an ICEraQ Liquid Immersion Cooling Solution For You.

ICEtank IT40

40’ container, 8 x 42U immersion-cooled racks and 4 coolant distribution units (CDU), supporting up to 200kW of IT load.
Ideal for edge computing.

ICEtank Solutions Include:

• 20’ or 40’ ISO shipping container

• Integrated electrical infrastructure (including power distribution, breakers, panels, etc.)

• CDU (coolant distribution unit) + racks

• Racks filled with our proprietary ElectroSafe liquid immersion coolant

• GRC’s Foresight monitoring and alerts application

• Mirrored System with 2N redundant pumps

• Fire suppression

• Mini-split A/C unit(s) for technician comfort

• Integrated cable management

• Rack-mounted service rails for easy server maintenance and hot swaps

• One-year limited warranty including 24/7 on-call GRC support staff and 24/7 remote monitoring

• Cooling towers including water treatment and plumbing up to CDUs

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ICEtank IT20

20’ container, 4 x 42U immersion-cooled racks and 2 coolant distribution units (CDU), supporting up to 100kW of IT load.
Ideal for edge computing.

Turnkey solution with complete cooling and power infrastructure

The Green Revolution Cooling ICETank is a sealed mobile data center container that resists even the harshest environmental elements

Rapid deployment

Modular design enables easier capacity planning

Waterless dry cooler options available

UPS and Generator backup modules available