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Containerized CarnotJet Data Center

Containerized CarnotJet Data Center

Green Revolution Cooling introduces the Containerized CarnotJet Solution, a “data center in a box” featuring the world’s most efficient server-cooling technology. The modular data center is the most capital-light and energy-efficient solution in the world. Here are some of the key benefits of this solution:

Lowest Cost Infrastructure

The Containerized CarnotJet data center is one of the most cost effective ways of adding data center capacity. At under $2 per server watt, the modular data center costs less than building out a data center with any other technology.

Unparalleled Energy Efficiency

Servers installed in the CarnotJet Solution use 10% – 20% less power than air-cooled equivalents due to the removal of server fans and lower component temperatures. In addition to power savings on the server side, the cooling system itself features just 3% – 5% overhead for a mechanical PUE of 1.03 – 1.05.

Easy Capacity Planning

A single 40 foot CarnotJet Container supports up to 400 kW of critical load per container and can be stacked double-high and side-by-side for optimum floor space utilization. The integrated and modular data center design, gives organizations the ability to grow infrastructure block by block.

Rapid Deployment

The Containerized CarnotJet Solution is a drag-and-drop solution that ships within 8-10 weeks of purchase and requires very little time to install on-site. Further, the pre-engineered system comes completely integrated with everything you need to get started; from 2N redundant cooling and electrical infrastructure to best in class biometric security systems.

Flexibility to Deploy in Any Climate

The CarnotJet System’s ability to operate efficiently in ambient temperatures as high as 55˚C (131˚F) means that the Containerized CarnotJet Solution can be deployed in virtually any location on the planet. All that is needed is access to power (including backup), a warm water loop (up to 50˚C/ 122˚F), and a relatively level floor.

Smart Cooling and Remote Monitoring

The Containerized CarnotJet Solution comes integrated with a number of sensors and a control system that provides critical system data and highly sophisticated diagnostics tools. A full suite of software enables remote monitoring and precision control of the data center environment. The ongoing monitoring is backed by GRC’s 24/7 on call engineers, who can be provided access to system data to help with remote diagnosis. Additionally, the information can be easily relayed to any existing DCIM through a number of system integration protocols including BACnet, SNMP, RESTful API, etc.

To learn more about the CarnotJet System and how it works, continue on to CarnotJet System Overview

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