DCD > New York Tech Showcase: June 21 @ 3pm EDT

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What kind of IT infrastructure do future enterprise IT workloads need?

Almost a year and a half after the video-conferencing explosion, crypto-boom and transition from “brick-and-mortar” to cloud, DCD returns “virtually” to New York, to track the gargantuan evolution of enterprise digital infrastructure.

With a vast financial hub, healthcare system and notable corporations listed on the Fortune 500, NYSE tasked with responding to the needs of a “24/7” city, DCD is hosting this global conversation to ask what kind of infrastructure will be needed to support the future of the enterprise IT workload.

Join GRC CRO Jim Weynand for Our Tech Showcase June 21 @ 3pm EDT:
Single-Phase Immersion Cooling — Designed for Today. Ready for Tomorrow.

Learn how to easily cool up to 184 kW/rack and manage your data center’s ever-increasing demands — driven by next-gen applications like AI, AR, VR, IoT, ML, as well as the drive to the edge with immersion cooling. Plus, meet the all-new, reimagined ICEraQ® Series 10! Offering nearly twice the cooling performance of its forerunners—and more yet than most legacy systems — it will help you:

• Reduce CapEx & OpEx
• Improve Performance
• Simplify Operations
• Speed Deployment
• Enhance Sustainability
• …and More

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