• Centers must be close to exchanges, where space can be elusive and expensive
  • Access to sufficient power to support the required processing is limited
  • Energy costs are significantly higher than in rural/suburban locations
  • Available space is often without infrastructure to add chillers, air handlers and more

Here’s How GRC’s Patented
Immersion Cooling Solutions Can Help High-Frequency Trading

Put Computing Power in Unconditioned Space

Green Revolution Cooling’s (GRC) immersion cooling data centers have minimal site requirements, enabling you to put individual racks or a whole data centers in nearly any location.

Overclock Your Hardware

Our liquid-cooled server racks can reliably cool up to 100 kW/rack, which allows for overclocking of hardware and supports higher-power hardware.

Cut Energy Costs

– up to 95%. This unrivaled energy efficiency helps you maximize the number of servers for available power, while minimizing the energy costs.

Reduce Your Capital Expenses

By eliminating chillers, CRACs, CRAHs and raised floors, GRC liquid immersion cooling systems cut capex by 50%.

Cut Cooling Energy Costs

– up to 95%. Our equipment draws less power to cool servers than the fans we remove.

Lower Your Maintenance and Operating Costs

Our single-phase immersion cooling system has only two moving parts: coolant pumps and water pumps. This improves reliability and eliminates the operating and maintenance costs of complex components by removing chillers, air handlers and humidity control systems.

HFT Example Configuration

Drag and drop standalone racks with high performance nodes, anywhere!

160+ high performance nodes in an ICEraQ Duo:

Supermicro TwinPro2 with 4 Hot-swap DP Nodes, each with:

  • 2 x Intel Skylake 4114 (2.2G)
  • 32GB DDR4 Memory
  • Intel S4500 480GB SSD
  • SIOM 2-port SFP+ board
  • Up to 2200W per 2U chassis

50% lower energy cost: 10-20% lower server power, 2-3% cooling overhead.

Liquid immersed server racks can be placed virtually anywhere.
Key Solutions:
If you need a:
GRC Solution
Standalone, rack based cooling to place in your HFT data center, office, or warehouse
Turnkey, HFT data center in a box, to add capacity anywhere

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