Whether you’re running AI, public cloud computing, private cloud storage, a high frequency trading operation, or an on-premises data center, ICEraQ liquid immersion cooling systems from GRC can help you attain unprecedented cost, performance and space efficiencies, while achieving your organizational sustainability objectives at the same time.
The minimal site requirements and modular design of ICEraQ server cooling systems significantly reduce the expense of building, running, and expanding data centers. With options ranging from our all-in-one, compact ICEraQ Micro to the elegant, space-efficient ICEraQ Series 10 featuring an integrated CDU that efficiently cools up to 368 kW* per rack — we’ve got your data center cooling needs covered.

  • Reduce carbon footprint with:
    • Up to 95% cooling energy savings
    • 10-20% lower server power draw
  • Attain a pPUE of <1.03
  • Lower upfront costs up to 50%
  • Cool up to 368 kW/rack with the innovative ICEraQ Series 10*
  • Enables high-density data center layouts
  • Deployable in harsh environments
  • Fast deployment: typically within 3 months
  • Scale as you grow

*Utilizing chilled water

Whether You’re Diving into Hybrid Cloud Computing or Updating Your On-Premises Data Center Server, ICEraQ Liquid Immersion Cooling Systems Are for You

Self-contained, immersion cooled rack designed to be easy to get up and running — virtually anywhere. All you need is power, water service and a level floor.

  • 1 – 24U Immersion-Cooled Rack w/integrated CDU
  • Cools up to 25 kW with a warm water loop or up to 50 kW with chilled water
  • Enables scaling in single-rack increments

For most high-GPU server applications including artificial intelligence (AI), geosciences (oil & gas exploration), high-performance computing (HPC), and more.

  • 2 x 42U immersion-cooled racks supported by a single 200 kW CDU
  • Cools high-power GPU servers up to 100kW/rack with a warm water loop or up to 184 kW/rack with chilled water
  • Enables scaling in 2-rack increments

For cloud technology/on-premises data centers and high-frequency trading (HFT) data centers.

  • 4 x 42U immersion-cooled racks supported by a single 200 kW CDU
  • Supports densities up to 50 kW/rack with a warm water loop or up to 92 kW/rack with chilled water
  • Enables scaling in 4-rack increments

ICEraQ Liquid Immersion Cooling Systems Include:

  • Rack(s) filled with our zero-GWP, high-performance, synthetic ElectroSafe® liquid immersion coolants
  • Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU)
  • Monitoring with Machine Advisor and alerts with PagerDuty applications
  • 2N redundant pumps and control systems
  • Integrated containment
  • Integrated cable management
  • Rack-mounted service rails for easy server maintenance and hot swaps
  • One-year limited warranty with customized support options available

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