On the subject of maintenance and operation, not all data centers are alike.  That certainly holds true when you compare ICEraQ™ liquid-immersion cooling systems from GRC with more traditional legacy installations. Spoiler alert: ours are built from the ground up with simplicity, convenience and ease of maintenance in mind. Smart cable management is just one of many aspects.

Whether you’re replacing or maintaining a server, clean, intelligent cable management makes life much easier—which is why we engineer our racks with a fully integrated cable management structure.

But that’s not all.  Virtually silent and with only three moving parts, GRC’s ICEtank™modular liquid-immersion cooling solution and our ICEraQ™ micro-modular liquid cooling system both provide superior performance with minimal maintenance.

What’s more, the non-toxic, non-conductive ElectroSafe™ immersion cooling fluid in these systems is very stable and requires no servicing or replacement over the lifespan of a typical data center.

How cool is that?