The ICEraQ™ liquid-immersion-cooling system from GRC has emerged as the most powerful, efficient, cost-effective way to cool any data center. Using innovative but proven technology, it can make data centers 95% more efficient and reduce energy costs 50%.  All this while slashing build costs by 50%.

In this video and you’ll get an answer to the question on the minds of many infrastructure and operations (I & O) professionals, which is “How does liquid cooling work?”

Hint: ICEraQ uses rack-based servers immersed in a non-toxic, non-flammable dielectric fluid called ElectroSafe, which has 1200 times the heat capacity of air.

In use around the world, our innovative data center cooling technology requires no energy-intensive air conditioners, oversize generators, nor raised floors. As a result, the ICEraQ liquid-immersion-cooling system enables rapid deployment of far more reliable, chiller-free cooling anywhere in the world. It also makes for easier capacity planning.

A single-phase immersion cooling pioneer for the last 10 years, GRC has helped clients in 13 countries reap the benefits of ICEraQ’s technology.