GRC makes maintaining immersion cooling servers incredibly easy.

Watch this video and you’ll see how five simple steps can help you service a single blade node in just a few minutes.

You’ll discover how GRC’s open-rack design enables quick access to the nodes, and how integrated service rails help create a convenient waist-high work bench.  (You’ll never need to lift the heaviest—that is densest—server from the bottom of the rack to work on it.

Although nitrile gloves are recommended, there’s also no need to worry about contact with the fluid either. GRC systems employ a totally non-toxic coolant called ElectroSafe™. It’s a high-performance synthetic blend which does not readily ignite, is not reactive with water, and is also very stable.

But that’s not the only way GRC’s liquid-immersion cooling contributes to a better work environment. Our systems are also virtually silent.  So you can have a conversation and problem-solve right at the rack.

Talk about simple!