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The Immersion Cooling Authority   August 2018 | Vol. 2

Immersion Cooling Solutions Simplified

Immersion Cooling Solutions Simplified

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Traditionally reserved for mainframes and academic supercomputers, liquid cooling may soon be seeping into more enterprise data centers. New, more demanding enterprise workloads are pushing up power densities, leaving data center managers looking for more efficient alternatives to air-based cooling systems.


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ICEtank Containerized Liquid Immersion Cooling System

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Containerized Liquid Immersion Cooling System

Need to add computing power in the middle of nowhere? Want to expand your data center but only have a parking lot to do so? Can’t move everything to the cloud and need to find a hybrid approach for storage? Data center running out of capacity? ICEtank immersion cooling solutions from Green Revolution Cooling (GRC) are the answer.

They’re turnkey data center containers with complete cooling and power infrastructure that give you total location flexibility – even for adverse conditions.

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A CIO’S Guide To Assessing Cloud Feasibility For The Data Center

Data Center Frontier
The Open Compute Project (OCP) is working to enable wider adoption of liquid cooling, citing demand from hyperscale computing providers, as well as new applications in edge computing. The move reflects growing use of liquid cooling to handle high-density workloads for artificial intelligence and other next-generation technologies.

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Why Edge Data Centers Are Crucial for SMBS

Computer Weekly
For years, it seemed like Tier One cities were getting all the attention from data center providers. Co-location providers weren’t rushing to set up shop in Nashville, Detroit, Tampa Bay or another second- or third-tier city, and it made sense considering the networking trends. Carriers and their customers needed access.


Liquid Emerged Data Center

You may have heard a few exemplary facts about liquid-immersion cooling technologies – like our ICEraQ system – such as its incredible CAPEX and OPEX savings. However, you also may have heard some things that made you unsure about this technology. Today we dispel some of the myths about Single Phase liquid-Immersion Cooling, and set things straight with the facts about our offerings.


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