GRC Awarded Spot on ‘Top 25 Data Center Tech Companies’ List by CIO Applications Magazine

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GRC Awarded Spot on ‘Top 25 Data Center Tech Companies’ List by CIO Applications Magazine

CIO Applications magazine has named Green Revolution Cooling as one of the Top 25
Data Center Companies – 2017 by CIO Applications Magazine.

AUSTIN, TX – November 23, 2017 – Green Revolution Cooling (GRC) was recently awarded a spot on CIO Application’s annual “Top 25 DataCenter Tech Companies” list. The companies chosen to be included have proven capable of providing data center solutions that help clients build a competitive advantage and transform their businesses. CIO Applications interviewed GRC CEO, Peter Poulin, for an article accompanying the list. Below is an excerpt from the article in the November edition of CIO Applications:

Increasingly powerful applications are putting new demands on data centers (the Cloud, IoT, Cryptocurrency mining, AI, ML, and VR to name a few), high-performance servers are consuming more power and more cooling capacity. Conventional cooling systems are having difficulty keeping up. Modifications to these systems have increased complexity, increased cost, extended the time to install, and made maintenance and operations more costly. These market dynamics run counter to organizational efforts to reduce the cost of IT. By radically simplifying how servers in a data center are cooled, Green Revolution Cooling (GRC) is providing IT organizations with an alternative that materially reduces data center build and operation costs, reduces the time required to expand capacity, and makes ongoing system maintenance easy.

For the last eight years, GRC has been implementing this new wave of innovation in data centers across the world. Immersion cooling is revolutionizing the way data centers are designed, constructed, and Press Release operated. “As a result, GRC enables IT firms to stay focused on IT, without worrying about the required infrastructure that supports it,” says Peter Poulin, the company’s CEO.

The key behind GRC’s flagship product—the CarnotJet System’s real efficiency is the liquid, called Electrosafe – a product that has 1,200 times the heat capacity of air. Not only is this an extremely efficient means of cooling servers, by immersing the computers in this non-conductive dielectric fluid enables the data center to eliminate server fans that consume 10-20 percent of the power. “The power reduction in removing the fans exceeds by a multiple, the power required for our cooling system,” says Poulin. To minimize the complexity, GRC has only three moving parts in the infrastructure, which do not require chillers, airflow engineering to identify and mitigate hotspots, or humidity controls.

The full article is available on the CIO Applications website and in the November 2017 issue of CIO Applications Magazine.

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About GRC
GRC is the immersion cooling authority. The company’s signature rack-based systems enable cloud and on-premises data centers to reduce cooling energy and save costs. Their unique dielectric fluid coolant eliminates the need for chillers, air conditioners, and air handlers. As the leaders in the data center cooling market, GRC’s solutions have helped some of the largest cloud, HPC, and telecom organizations build extremely efficient, cost effective, and resilient data centers across the globe. Visit grcooling.com for more information.