GRC + HPE: Faster. Cooler. Farther. Together

Submitted by Brandon Moore, GRC Solutions Architect
On: October 9, 2019 Comments: 0
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We here at GRC have cause to celebrate – and we think you do too! The reason? We’ve just signed an OEM Partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), one of the most trusted names in servers!

Now, data center operators everywhere can get everything they’ve come to expect from HPE products – innovation, acceleration and exceptional reliability – protected by the most advanced and proven server cooling technology available today – all from a single source.

Cool Can Be the New
Normal – No Matter How
Hot Your Servers Run

We’ve said it before: high-performance computing is fast becoming the new norm, creating imposing heat and density barriers that are difficult to surmount with traditional cooling technology. With this new GRC-HPE alliance, IT leaders can now easily break through those barriers by purchasing an all-in-one data center solution direct from us — pairing any HPE server, like the Apollo 2000 HLF 2600, optimized for immersion cooling with any of our ICEraQ™ or ICEtank™ systems. It couldn’t be simpler.

HPE Apollo 2000 HLF 2600
ICEraQ with 21 2U HPE Apollo 2000 HLF 2600’s optimized for liquid immersion cooling by GRC.

Serving You Better – With Minimal Site Requirements

With immersion cooling from GRC, operations once limited by power, space or cooling can now seamlessly deploy HPE servers of any type virtually anywhere – with minimal infrastructure requirements.

Whether you’re building within existing white space, on the edge, or in a greenfield site, our new partnership makes it easy to create a high-density zone without the thermal constraints of air cooling.

As for kicking down those heat and density barriers, our ICEraQ One – can handle nearly 5,000 watts of heat load per unit of rack space*. Enough said.

Cool AND Confident

The trend toward high-density computing is unstoppable. The heat dilemma is inevitable. But, thanks to our new OEM partnership with HPE, you can be certain overcoming those challenges isn’t.

Will liquid-immersion cooling be your breakthrough?

With our new HPE alliance, the possibility is better than ever! Shoot us an email at info@grcooling.com or call +1.512.692.8003 to find out for sure.
A GRC associate will reach out and give you some great options.