How Immersion Cooling Helps Reduce Operational Costs in Data Centers cover

How Immersion Cooling Helps Reduce Operational Costs in Data Centers

On: August 3, 2022 Comments: 0
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Any successful business has to maintain control over its operational costs, and data centers are no exception. Power-hungry processors are proliferating. Each year, more cores are running at faster speeds increasing data centers’ energy consumption. The result? Rapidly growing OpEx.

Among the main operating expenses for data centers are electricity and equipment maintenance. Both of these are drastically reduced by the breakthrough cooling technology known as liquid immersion.

Liquid immersion cooling like GRC’s can cut the electrical expenses for cooling by an amazing 95%! In addition to the reductions in OpEx, you’ll also spend less on hardware and real estate thereby decreasing capital expenses.

Liquid Immersion Cooling Increases Energy-Efficiency

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Immersion cooling cuts operational costs by working far more efficiently than air cooling. In fact, liquid immersion cooling can conduct heat away from servers 1,200 times more efficiently than air cooling. This efficiency generates direct and indirect cost savings.

The Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) standard measures the efficiency of a data center’s energy use. Immersion cooling fares much better than air in terms of PUE. This translates to air-cooled data centers wasting much of their budget on inefficient cooling systems while liquid-based data centers increase their efficiency and eliminate sizable operating expenses.

Immersion cooling is also more efficient than alternative cooling methods like rear door heat exchanger (RDHx) and direct-to-chip. The industry has worked over the past decades to enhance liquid cooling technologies, paving the way for GRC’s modern cooling solution.

With liquid immersion, your servers will run cooler without fans at all, trimming yet another 10-20% off electrical costs. The entire liquid immersion cooling system uses less electricity than air cooling server fans alone!

Not only does immersion cooling technology cost less than other cooling systems, but because immersion cooling is so energy-efficient, governments and utilities have given grants to companies using GRC’s immersion systems to offset some of those costs. You can see how much immersion cooling can save for your specific data center’s operational expenses, as well as capital expenditures.

Single-Phase Immersion is Simple

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Single-phase immersion, the main type of liquid immersion cooling, is extremely simple with only three moving parts. This simplicity contributes to operational efficiency and offers a host of other advantages. The system works more reliably and it costs less. You can also install it anywhere; even in the middle of the desert, if you so choose!

We’d say it’s as easy as baking a cake, but honestly, it’s even easier. Just place the entire server setup in a circulating liquid, and the liquid will carry away as much heat as you want. You can use any brand of regular server or there are even more operational cost savings if you opt for servers specifically designed for immersion.

Gone are the days of limited, wasteful cooling systems. Immersion keeps your servers running for years as they pose less risk of dust, oxidation, and vibrations.

Since immersion is so simple and efficient, it doesn’t require the same supporting equipment as air cooling. Say goodbye to expensive generators, battery backups, computer room air conditioners (CRACs), and computer room air handlers (CRAHs)! This frees up capital and real estate to be used for other operations.

Single-phase immersion makes capacity planning simple. Instead of complex calculations and uncertain estimates of what you might need down the line, you just start with what you need now and expand as necessary. Immersion supports data center installations of all sizes.

The modular cooling pods don’t need extensive containment structures or raised floors and can be installed in mere days. Immersion keeps your CapEx and OpEx down while freeing you to deploy invaluable systems anywhere, any time.

Increases Reliability

The simplicity of immersion cooling improves the reliability of a data center. With it, IT equipment lasts longer and requires maintenance less often. For added reliability, GRC’s immersion cooling systems incorporate remote monitoring functionality. This increases your uptimes through measures such as preventive maintenance and automatic alerts.

Reseat issues and vibrations from server fans and other problems fade to black. Even on the rare occasion a server needs maintenance, it’s easy with the immersion tank support rails. In the event of a power failure, the liquid coolant’s own heat absorption is enough to keep the servers running safely long enough to course correct.

Unlike air cooling, immersion cooling doesn’t need humidity controls. The IT hardware is already protected from humidity by the coolant itself. Data centers using immersion also don’t need expensive air cooling infrastructure.

The reliability of liquid immersion cooling translates to less maintenance and fewer losses in terms of server downtime, customer satisfaction, and your bottom line. Total data center operational costs can literally be cut in half through GRC’s ICEraQ!

Decrease the Cost of Cooling With GRC

Whether we’re talking about operational costs, capital expenditures, or the total cost of ownership, GRC’s liquid immersion cooling drastically cuts costs while improving performance. For industry leaders who want to stay ahead of the curve, the choice is clear.

Trim your costs with the energy efficiency, simplicity, and reliability of liquid immersion cooling; the future-proof solution. The sooner you make the leap, the more you’ll save. We’re confident the only regret you’ll have is not making the switch sooner. Get in touch with GRC now!